Andre Navarro, Cameron Kuo, , , and
February 2, 2017 App Interview

USMC veteran, Andre Navarro recounts the events leading to his decision to join the marine corps. His responsibilities included O431 logistics. This meant that he was in charge of making sure that divisions worth of military equipment were ready to...

What’s It Like To Be A First-Generation Child In America

Catherine interviews her dad, Roderick Pablo, about his life of being a first-gen child here in America. She seeks to know how life was for him and the family.

Pandemic interview

I talked to someone about how the pandemic has changed them

Addy + Clint

I interviewed my uncle for AP Human Geography

Papa Thanksgiving 2019

Papa talks about growing up during the Depression, enlisting in the Navy, and how acts of kindness have a great impact.

Women in Silicon Valley Part 1 of 2: working in the semiconductor industry in the 1960s.
February 20, 2016 App Interview

Silicon Valley in the 1960s; working at Fairchild; meeting Robert Moore; working at National Semiconductor; how the sheep and goats cut costs; mothers in tech roles; working in Eurosil (Europe). Approx. 35 minutes. Part 2 of 2 Part 1:

Interview – My Mother’s Story

Talking about some of her struggles and happinesses in her life.

Ian Cameron interviews his Grandfather, Donald Hook, about his life and other stories.

In this interview conducted in 2017 by Ian Cameron (17), he talks with his grandfather, Donald Hook (87) about his life and other stories.

Christian’s Life from a civilian to a U.S. Marine

The interview was taken place in San Jose, CA on November 26, 2017. I, Sandra Curiel (18) interviewed my big brother, Christian Curiel (20) who is currently a Reserved U.S. Marine. We’ve discussed about his experience growing up, his memories,...

Unity and growth the future of woodland

School project. Envisioning the future of Woodland with communities experiencing.

My Memories

Tony dedicates this interview for his future kids and grandkids. He answers some question about his life and provides some inspiring words to his family members.

Interview with Beverly Brook, Grant Erickson, and Christy Hightower.

Grant Erickson, who had his 95th birthday ten days before telling this story, talks with Beverly Brook and Christy Hightower about the highlights of his life. In this short 8 minute segment, he talks about standing up for diversity of...

My moms journey to California

I asked my mom why she made The journey to California from Texas.

My Life

Talks about childhood and about memories.

Auntie Paula 101

We talked about racism, her childhood, and many more topics.