A Seat at the Table: A Mother’s Story

During this interview, I asked my mother about her experiences growing up as a child, she elaborates on the abuse she endured and how that has helped her develop into the person she it today. We then discuss how she...

The Iranian Revolution of 1979, Through the Eyes of a Fleeing Immigrant

Pamela Shamshiri was nine years old when the Iranian Revolution began. Pamela and her mother and brother were in Los Angeles for Christmas when the revolution started. Her father went back to Iran, but the other three family members stayed...

Facts about our life

It’s was talked about our life and what we would like to remember about it

AVID Fall Semester Final

My parents and I talked about college like how far they are willing to let me go study and what their thoughts are about college and about me leaving.

South Central LA: A Real Prespective

Justin Rogers, a south central Los Angeles resident, speaks the truth about growing up with racial profiling and police brutality. He expresses the gap that has been made between the citizens of LA and the police; furthermore, decisions he’s made...

Interview with close friend

I asked her about herself and her difficult/proud moments in her life.

Home Gardens Library Shantall

Capturing your Literacy Journey questions with Shantall at the Home Gardens Library

Little brother

I interviewed him and asked questions, some way or another he was able bring in baseball in the picture

Oral History Interview with Araxi Penerjian for History 111

This interview was conducted with Araxi Penerjian, discussing her life, and opinions on the changes that have occurred throughout time.

A True Trini Life

A person who can go through multiple losses, play sports, and be passionate about her work is a truly great person to be around; that person is Luanne Regis. Luanne is a black woman from Trinidad & Tobago, in the...

From Past to Present

We took turns interviewing each other about our present thoughts and past experiences of being high school students.

after high school plans
December 12, 2017 App Interview

While sitting in the library during my free period I started to talk to this kid named Mario. I've known him for a few years now and I decided to interview him. He told me about his plans after high...

Vaya Con Dios…My Nana’s Story

My grandma’s story about the time she didn’t bless my grandpa before he went out, with serious consequences.

Storytelling For Impact

Katie and Jules, both educators, talk about school and life.

Cristian’s interview

Q&A between me and my father of how college will be and how it will affect my life.

StoryCorps AVID Final Parent Interview

This is a recording of an interview with my mom in which I ask her questions relating to college.

Jehan Elshayeb and Ibrahim Rizk

I spoke with my mother about how much she means to me. She shared a few of her happiest memories and gave me some advice. She expressed how excited and fearful she was of my going to university next year.

College Interview

Anahi De La Cruz and her mother, Juliana Marcial, get serious and talk about college. This moment is almost coming and it is time that they both address the biggest anticipated lifechanging moment yet to come.

Interview About College

The interview was with my dad Gustavo Cuevas and my interview was about me going to college