Me and My Mom

My mom and I sit down to talk about some family stuff, some random small talk, and other things.

Who is Ashley

Hi! This is my roommate Ashley. She's a really cool girl :)

All about my mother

This about Alma Nunez who grew up in Mexico and America. Its also about her family and friend's also what she would do on school

Marlen Reyes

This is about a woman and her struggles and happy moments while coming to the United States to create a better life for her and her family.

Me, My Mom, and My Microphone

We discussed family heritage, my moms growth in life, and our most crucial life lessons.

Step by Step

Ah, Thanksgiving. No better time for a step mom to get real with her step daughter. This interview has a step daughter interview her step mom. Laughs were had, tears were shed, and turkey was eaten. This is the story...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her life and when she was younger. She also talked about some of our family members, my mom when she was younger

An interview with my mom

My mom and I talked about having children and what I was like as a child.

St. Peter’s by the Sea Presbyterian Church, Don Fraser

Don Fraser is 102 years old and talks about life as a child, being a boat captain in World War 2 and being an active member and leader in his church community.

The lady of Lucky 7

It was raining and i was riding my back so i stoped at Lucky 7 to stay away from the rain. All of a sudden this lady started talking to me, and even we just met it seemed like we'we...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interview with my dad about his past and my future.

Corona Virus Pandemic Interview

This is an interview with my dad in which we talked about our experience in the Corona virus pandemic.

Sadie Levin and her past teacher Terry Gladstone talk about life influences, lessons and jobs.

In this interview, Created on November 26, 2017 in Manhattan Beach, California. Sadie Levin (14) and her past teacher Terry Gladstone discussed many influences that Mrs. Gladstone had in her life what led her to where she is today. We...

Allegra Baker and Gray Baker

Siblings Allegra Baker (27) and Gray Baker (24) discuss their high school years together at the same high school and their years apart at different colleges. Their discussion touches on family dynamics, divorce and identity.

Magistra’s life story

My advisor Mary Richards (aka Magistra) and I talk about her childhood, best memories, parts of her career, and experiences who make her who she is.

An AZ interview!

My Lola is very strong person! She is so amazing and did so many things in her life! I just want to say that I know my Lola very well but I don’t know everything. Based on what I learned...

Veronica Pinzon’s Life

Short interview about my Mother’s life as a kid, teenager, and young adult.

Interview with my boyfriend through FaceTime

Due the the pandemic, I conducted an interview with my boyfriend over FaceTime. He talked about the important people in his life and the memories he shares. He shares his successes as well as his hard times and has a...

From East to West, Then to Now

Interviewing my dad about his life growing up and the advice he has for today’s generation and generations to come.