A good ol’ talk with Maddie

Often times, family members have long lasting effects on eachother. It is usually in the best possible way. Interactions and little memories are forever, and may have lasting impacts such as the one described in this video. I think everyone...

The lady of Lucky 7

It was raining and i was riding my back so i stoped at Lucky 7 to stay away from the rain. All of a sudden this lady started talking to me, and even we just met it seemed like we'we...

Bridget Hudson and Ben Mielke

In this interview with Bridget Hudson we explored her connections with her mom her childhood memories and how they impacted her life. She reflects on some of her favorite memories and some of her worst. She explains how much her...

Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project for my APUSH class. Talked to my mom about her life and me.

The early life of Ryen Caenn

The Carico’s settled Oklahoma in the Cherokee Strip land rush. From humble beginnings grew a successful scientist.

Interview with Mom

My mom and I talked about her teenage and child life and how that shaped the person she was today. Also, about how her childhood lead to adulthood. We talked about current job status and working conditions.

Me and my mom talking about life

Me and my mom talk about her life, and her illness living with MS.


Talking to Dad about overcoming hardship

Through Evangelina's Eyes

My name is Ashley, and I interviewed my maternal grandmother. She's a very lively witty person but once I said I was going to record her she got a bit timid. I asked a series of small significant questions regarding...

My Brother is Basically a Criminal | Story Corps Project

This is my brother’s story on how he and his friends almost got into some serious trouble during their senior year of high school because of something dumb.

Legacy: One Place, Two Different Families

Jadyn (16) and Mags (17), friends for eight years, discuss their own family histories, as well as their own lives. They are both fifth generation Californian, and they talk about the family history they have in common, and the parts...

The importance of family

In this interview, conducted in April 23 in Orange, California. Gabrielle Wilson(21) interviewed her grandmother Dianne Wilson(80) about her life growing up. She talked about family and her childhood with her 2 sisters and 1 brother. She also talked about...

Global Arizona – Axel Bation

I interview my friend Axel about being a global citizen, and about his experiences growing up.

Fellow in Distress

It’s about a kid who wants to help but ends up making things worse for everyone

Life Behind Dad

This is the life behind my Step-Dad Albert Vasquez

Life From Pampanga, Philippines to Orange, California

In this interview, conducted on April 20, 2019 in Orange, California, Mya Naguit (19) interviews her father, Manny Naguit (59) about the duration of his life from Pampanga, Philippines to Orange, California. Mr. Naguit shares insights into his memories as...