Ellen Heimann and Hedy Ciocci

Ellen Heimann (91) talks to her second cousin, Hedy Ciocci (74) about coming to the US when she was 10 years old, meeting her husband, work, children, grandchildren, and what her life is like at age 91.

IB Lit: Media Presentation of Family and Social Relationships — interview with my dad

For my IB Language and Literature class, I asked my father questions relating to his family experiences and how the media was or wasn’t an impact on them. At the end, he recites a poem he made about his aunt...

Mom’s Interview

It was interview based on how she sees life after a few events and how she met my father.

Interview With Isabella Lagioia and Her Grandma, Rita Morrel

Rita Morrel talks about growing up in her native city of Chicago. Also addresses changes that Rita had observed in Chicago and current politics from her childhood (1930s) to present day (2019). Recorded in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on November 28,...

Sage and Her Mom

We talked about my mom’s life when she was a child and my childhood. We also talked about her grandparents and parents.


Ebony and I talked mostly about her childhood and what she learned in life.

Interview with my grandparents

I interviewed my grand parents about there childhood, marriage, and how they dealt with cancer

Our love story

Wally and I have been together 34 years and although not an easy journey, we give God thanks for allowing us to grow in Him, for giving us a beautiful family and giving us an opportunity to share his it...

Cracking Open to Heart-Healing during Our Surrendering Pause.

Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg, poet and author, discusses writing poetry through the pandemic “Our Surrendering Pause; 30 Poems in 30 Days” published by Golden Dragonfly Press-proceeds go to COVID Relief. Also discusses involving underserved Chicago youth to express their deepest selves...

A Talk with Family

A interview with my Aunt, whom I never had a real chance to get to know, until live threw a multitude of bad curve balls at us.

Stephen Reynolds

Stephen Reynolds speaks about his life as a child and his family memories.

Interviewing my Dad

I interview my dad about his life and what he is thankful for.

Veronica (Ronnie) Drantz talks about the picketing of Astro Restaurant for Stonewall OutLoud

Ronnie covers everything from being outed in graduate school and helping to organize 9 day protest outside of the Astro Restaurant in Chicago to her current activism as a physiologist and educator.