Angel and Jacka, Dec 2017

Angel left his assignment to the last minute, and I helped him out.

Mario Ramirez and her daughter Sherllyn talk about his experience growing up

My father and I talked about his life experiences, what he learned throughout his life, and his relationship with my mom and his parents . My dad,Mario, grew up with his mom and dad in Guatemala, he went to school...

A Great Thanksgiving Listen in the Spurrell Household

Will Spurrell interviews his grandmother, Corinne Adler, about her life growing up in Wisconsin during the Depression.


Mother and daughter have a conversation about how marriage and relationships function.

History Project – Joy Brook

In this interview, I’m talking to my grandmother on my mother’s side. We mainly talked about her parents and grandparents.

Thanksgiving Interview With Grandma

I asked my Grandma a series of questions about her life and what it is like to be a moral woman

Jack and his dad talk about his dads childhood
November 25, 2017 App Interview

I learned a little bit about my dads family history and what he did when he was my age

Living History Project

It’s a story filled with experiences and living the American dream.

Zarif Nafee and his cousin Robert share some stories during thanksgiving

In this interview conducted in November 2017, in Chicago, iL Zarif Nafee ( 18) interviews his good friend and cousin Robert (16) about his life. He talks about his grandparents and how he never saw his grandads. And then later...

Collete’s more than just a neighbor, she’s family

Collete is a strong 75 year old women who adores her family and neighbors. She had a fun and adventurous childhood but there were some twist and turns. She grew up in Chicago and later moved to the Eastside, life...

Aaliyah’s interview

Well we talked about our family. We also talked about my cousins life and how she grew up,also where she came from.

Freddys early life and how it’s changed him.

In this interview Freddy explained what he went through as a kid and how he is now living his life. He sounds very responsible and has a good head on his shoulders.How did your partner react to the interview? I...

Learning From My Mom

My mom and I are close but in this interview I learned so much more. I learned how she thought of me just besides her interactions with me. Her life she has now makes up for what she wished for...

The Navy – Michael Beatty

Madeline Stach interviews her uncle Michael Beatty about his service in the Navy. They talk about basic training, why he chose the navy, and some of the people he met while serving.

Daniel’s life

This was all about daniel’s life and what he did as a child