We discussed my aunts family history and memories from her life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, we talked about how he was when he was young, when my parents met, when I was born, etc. As you can hear, while interviewing him he laughed while he was remembering the good times.

My grandpa

Me and my grandpa Richard Riha talked about his life story on Monday April 23rd 2018. He told me how he lived it and what made it great and what made his life worth living is definitely the family he...

Irma’s interview

What we talked about was just my mothers experience in the past.

Interview with Dad

I asked about his previous jobs, childhood, teenage years, and traditions.

Thanksgiving Interview

Interviewing my uncle on Thanksgiving! (I apologize for any foul language. I forgot he had no filter)

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I asked my grandmother, Dianne Taylor, questions about her husband, childhood, jobs, and her family.

LitLife: David Halle and Maia Halle discuss The Tale of Two Cities

Maia and David discuss the novel The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and its themes

Interview with My Dad

My father and I talked about his childhood along with mine.

Imani Johnson and Kevin Johnson

Imani Johnson (21) talks to her father, Kevin Johnson (51) about his experiences growing up in Chicago and how these experiences shaped him into the man he is today. They talked about his childhood, family, and his life as a...


Me and my mom talked about her life and how it was.

Rosetta(Rose) Corbisiero talks about life and experiences in Italy with her granddaughter Julia Corbisiero

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Rosetta(Rose) Corbisiero talks about life and experiences from her childhood in Italy. She gives many memories with her husband, siblings, and children. We receive Rosetta’s best advice for living...

Love you mom

This interview that took place was with my mom. She told me exactly what i asked. Everything about her and our family made see how i can better for her.

SVC Interview with Jasmyn Garcia

In my first interview, I walk with my partner over some simple questions. It honestly went over pretty well.

Interviewing my mom

This interview is about my experience in an extra curriculum activity in high school that was off campus. The kappa, as it was called, was supposed to be a program that helped chicago kids get prepared for high school and...

“I leaned on the horn… it was a different sound than burning wood”: Interview with Sharon and Fred Korty

Sharon and Fred, longtime residents of the Chicagoland area, invited me into their lovely Wheaton home to tell me the story of how they rebuilt after losing their home in a fire. They also shared stories of their travels and...

Interviewing my uncle (social studies hw)

I would be talking to my uncle and we are going to talk about his childhood

Roman Zabicki and Gwendolyn Zabicki

Roman Zabicki (64) tells his daughter Gwendolyn Zabicki (31) about his experiences in a Catholic Seminary High School outside of Chicago and how his love of music has shaped his life.

Remembering Childhood

This is a compilation of random questions asked to my little sister with the intent to have her listen to this later in life and see how her answers have changed.