This recording mainly talked about the thing that happened to me. I recorded it because I want to preserve and share my stories.

Eva and her mom

Eva Wang (21) talks with her mother, Zhu Hongying (48) about the memory in her childhood and the reason why a woman need to have a kid.

An interview about your ideal city to live in

Dorothy Zhao talked with Lisa He for an interview. It mainly discusses whether she wants to live in Nanjing, what other livable cities she has in mind and what factors she considers for livable cities, etc.

Interview with Dede (Carol Apger)

Dede is my paternal grandmother who lives in Ohio. She comes from a family of eight and has lessons that need to be shared.

life in china / life in america
November 30, 2017 App Interview

an interview with my grandma about her life in the past in china and her life in the present in america.

Chattin with dad

I talked with my dad about certain things that happened in his life and memories

Mimi Tran talks about her childhood

In this interview.conducted in January 20, 2022 in Burlingame. California. Kyle Tran interviews his mom.

StoryCorps Essay Interview with Nani (my grandma)

I discussed the 4 questions with my Nani, and elaborated more to learn about her life and struggles. She shared many stories with me.

Irreconcilable Differences – A New Beginning

I am interviewing my husband (soon to be ex-husband) Colin, discussing our time together, our impending divorce and the reasons for it, and what's next for Colin in his life. He speaks openly about his feelings, which is something he...

Emily and Clara

Emily talks with her friend, also her roommate, Clara, about the fond and hard times in high school. They also talks about their majors and what are their dream jobs together. They all hope they have a bright future.

Jack Feng

We talked about his life in school and work.

Interviewing my Grandma

My grandmother came from a rough childhood during a harsh time, which taught her to appreciate her freedom in the U.S. more. She’s been taught to help others through the faithful humanity shown to her in her beginning journey into...

APUSH Interview with Uncle Rich

Interview with my Uncle Rich who lives in San Fransisco, California

Interviewing my mother Tracy Chen for The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We begin with my mother's childhood, then her career in PR before meeting my father, their relationship, struggles in having Jiming (my brother), as well as me and my younger sister Kelly, and her experience(s) immigrating to the US.

Lisa Yee, Norman Chung, and Beryl Chung

Beryl Chung (33) talks with her parents, Lisa Yee (67) and Norman Chung (70), about coming to terms with her Chinese-American identity, moving to China, and growing up as a Chinese-American family.

Oliver’StoryCorps interview.
November 28, 2021 App Interview

I was very interested in the stories that my dad had told me and I learned a lot about him and his personality!

From Hong Kong to San Francisco

My mother, Penny Lam DeFreitas, talks about immigrating from Hong Kong to America, and what growing up in San Francisco was like in the brand new environment she was thrown in.

Tiffany and Ray

Tiffany (17) talks with her father Ray (55) about his childhood and journey to America.

Dad’s Stories

My father shares some of his stories about immigrating to the U.S., dealing with his father’s passing, his relationship with my mother, and more.