HI360 Thanksgiving Interview with my father

This was a quick story about my father side of the family. We talk mostly about their history of farming.

Interview with grandpa
November 23, 2018 App Interview

We talked about grandpa’s life and what he remembers of his childhood and raising kids.

Interview with my dad, Dallas M Young, Jr.

My father, a professional musician, describes how he got into music when he was younger and the people who influenced him along the way.

Heritage with great Aunt C

Talking about family heritage and history with our Great Aunt Celia O’Malley. Our Aunt Celia was 98 years young at the time of the interview. She passed away on December 4, 2018.

Grandma Tells It All

Overall all this interview talked about my grandmothers child hood and also her love life.

Getting to know a classmate

We talked about how Isabella is from Cleveland, Ohio and then moved to Memphis. It was tough moving to a new place, but she has now adapted to the new place.

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about Lee’s childhood and things he did growing up

Jill finds out about how her Grandma Schaul met Grandpa Schaul

Conversation with Ruth Schaul about Charles Schaul and other events in her life. From the beginning of Jill’s 50th birthday celebration.

Growing Up Again

In this interview, Jed hears about his father Jeff’s upbringing and professional life in Cleveland and beyond. He shares stories of his friends, attitude, and the places he’s been. Learning some things hew knew and some things he didn’t, this...

Attitude of Gratitude Hartman

We talked about what to be grateful for. And never take life for granted.

Carol Baker interviews Linda Krashienko, Executive Director, about A Place for Us, a multi-unit LGBTQ-friendly building she built.

Carol Baker was curious about how Linda Krashienko had a building constructed. Carol asks questions about how Linda made this happen and how she persevered in the face of many obstacles.

Stonewall Outloud

Lina talks with SAGE Elder Judy at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland about her experience being gay over the last 50 years