HI360 Thanksgiving Interview with my father

This was a quick story about my father side of the family. We talk mostly about their history of farming.

Interview with grandpa
November 23, 2018 App Interview

We talked about grandpa’s life and what he remembers of his childhood and raising kids.

Carol Elewski and John Elewski

Carol Elewski: 2020-05-05 17:08:49 John Elewski talks with his daughter, Carol, about how his childhood experiences helped shape what he hoped for in life.

Grandma Tells It All

Overall all this interview talked about my grandmothers child hood and also her love life.

Dorothy Lemmey interviews Georgett Lovey

Georgett has ovarian cancer stage iv that was diagnosed 3 years ago. She came to Florida to spend a week with me and I wanted to interview her. She cried a few times but I felt it went well.


In this interview we talked bout how you’d want to be remembered

Carol Baker interviews Linda Krashienko, Executive Director, about A Place for Us, a multi-unit LGBTQ-friendly building she built.

Carol Baker was curious about how Linda Krashienko had a building constructed. Carol asks questions about how Linda made this happen and how she persevered in the face of many obstacles.

Goodstein family history

From the immigration of the first Goodsteins. A story of the migration from Wisconsin to New York to Cincinnati to Cleveland.

The interview of my grandma Betty Davis.

I conducted an interview of my Grandmother Betty Davis and she answered several questions about her life.

Milena Sterio and Mark Duskey

One Small Step Conversation partners Milena Sterio (43) and Mark Duskey (61) talk about their upbringings, political values, and whether college should be free.

Stonewall Outloud

Lina talks with SAGE Elder Judy at the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland about her experience being gay over the last 50 years

Interview with my Grandpa

I interview my grandfather about life when he was kid and his time in the Navy.

Dorothy Lemmey interview with her sister Georgett Lovey.

Georgett shares her feeling about life. Mentioned her father George Edward Lovey and Rosemary Kirstein, Theresa Mullins, Timothy Mullins, God, Jesus Christ, Ocarian cancer.

John Thomas “Johnny Edgewater” Feighan

for my grandmothers birthday, we interviewed her husband, John T Feighan about his life and everything he has embellished in the past. he embellished what he embellished.

Interview with Daniel Chester

An interview with my father about his experiences as a parent and how they can pertain to their child's future.