My grandma answers questions about her life in Michigan, meeting her husband, and experiencing a life full of God.

Baba interview 2

I talked with my dad about his career, his childhood , his school life. A lot mrow

Kim’s interview

I interviewed my bestfriend and it was very touching

My son Justin

The 11 members of our family are together for a pre-Thanksgiving meal.

Me, My Grandpa And The Detroit Tigers

This is a touching story about Bill Fundaro as he talks about his life through the years. The main topic is his family and his many jobs he has had throughout his life. He is currently celebrating his 50th consecutive...

Intervening my dad

I interviewed my dad and asking him about his childhood, his parents, career, religion and a lot more

Interview With Grandma Parkinson
December 25, 2022 App Interview

An interview between Natalie Parkinson and her grandmother, Grandma Karen Parkinson. They discuss Karen’s early life and her education. They focus on her work in domestic help services during the later Civil Rights Movement.

The Perfect Balance

Ali Baghdedi and I talked about life goals, the definition of success, and finding the perfect balance in life!

Mohammed Charara and Nora Sharba

Best friends Mohammed Charara (22) and Nora Sharba (20) compare their upbringings in different parts of Michigan and talk about their sense of belonging in the Arab-American community. The two remember meeting at the University of Michigan, studying together, and...

Being a Parent
December 8, 2020 App Interview

Me and my mom discussed how she felt being a parent, her favorite memories and how it has changed her.

Interview Assignment

I was interviewing my fiancé to get to know more things about her

Harold Searcy: life and times

Harold recounts his life, growing up in rural Missouri, up through his enlistment in the navy during WWII

Interviewing My Aunt: Rania Kadri

Interviewing my mom’s sister, an aunt of mine that I have always been close with. I found out there is a lot more to her than I thought.