A Knight in Hip-Hop

a brief rap up with Michael knight about the beauty of hip hop.

From being poor to helping the poor, the life of Oday Salim

This interview reflects on a person who used to be poor but now helps the poor. He is an accomplished environmental lawyer. He worked very hard for the job and still works hard. He fights for rights in the environment....

Malta, early days

Nana talks about growing up in Malta, meeting Grandpa and moving to the US.

Interview for Mr. Vedder

Talked about coming to America with my mother and about her life besically.

Maddie Komatinsky and her Grandma talk about growing up in Wales and family and friends along her life path.

In this interview conducted on Nov. 26 in Manhattan Beach, California, Maddie Komatinsky interviews her grandmother, Anne, about her childhood and growing up. Anne shares thoughts, stories and memories of growing up in Wales, moving to he US, meeting friends...


An interview about ally and her life.

1967 Detroit Race Riots, Bill Kesling Sr.

Interview about a white worker caught in the news about the Detroit race riots.

Jihan Daman and Syma Mohammed

Syma Mohammed (33) talks with her conversation partner Jihan Daman (53) about leaving Iraq as a refugee at age 13, her four years spent in Greece, her time in high school in Michigan, and the work she does with refugees...


Recalling the moment America nominated its first Black President

Matthew Cullen interviews his grandpa, Bernie about his life.

In this interview, made on November 23, 2017, Matthew Cullen (13) interviews his dad's dad name Bernie Cullen (81) about his childhood, his marriage, his children, his grandchildren, and other aspects of his life. Bernie revealed many things to Matthew...

Mormor’s favorite thanksgiving traditions
November 23, 2018 App Interview

My Mormor which is Swedish for grandma tells me about her favorite thanksgiving traditions. Including picking up her relatives from Detroit central station when it was still in business and how she loved watching the train come in.

1967 Detroit Riots

This is an interview with my grandmother about her experience in Detroit while the riots were taking place.

Edward Skolarus and his daughter talk about funny memories and family traditions

In this interview on November 17, 2017 in California, Alina Skolarus interviews her dad about his childhood in Carleton, Michigan. Edward Skolarus shares stories about his experience living on a farm in a small town. He also shares his favorite...

Dylan Caine (16) Asks His Mother, Shelly Pesick-Caine (56), About Her Detroit Youth, Jewish Ancestry, and Worldview

In this interview, conducted on Thanksgiving, 2015 in a suburb of Cleveland, Dylan Caine (16) asks his mother, Shelly Pesick-Caine (56), about her quintessentially American upbringing in the suburbs of Detroit. Born into a caring and hardworking family of six,...

Buck 1

Buck Scott and his history of Detroit


Discussed what he was most great full for. Also discussed how certain events impacted who he became