My mother and her life.

My mom Leticia and her life story, it was not the best yet somehow, not the worst either.

The Man of Few Words

This is my interview with my great uncle Si, he grew up in the Chicago area and we talked about events that have happened throughout his life.

Monica Goetz and Philip Goetz

Phillip Goetz (47) interviews his wife, Monica Goetz (44), about her experiences as a student and staffer at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. She shares her family’s history and connection to the university,...

1960's Ken Ebner Interview

Evan Reinhart and Hailey McAtee interview Ken Ebner about his life during the 1960's and his experience as a medic in the Vietnam War.

Immigrants in America: Family separation

Mexican-American family speaks on their experience with family separation and many of the struggles they’ve faced going through this.

Sister Talk

“I want to be remembered as a fighter.”


Jaden has had a tough life but his career as a referee has made him wholesome again.

Interview with Dad

An interview with my father about what he thinks of me, his wife, and his own life story.

Inteview with grandpa

Me and my grandpa did an interview talking about his childish and how he was as a kid

Florence Zimmerman

The Zimmerman Family discusses Florence’s childhood and life in Elgin, IL.

Stories through life with my dad

In this interview, I talk to my dad and ask about his childhood and what it was like growing up with a Twin. Afterwards, he gave me some amazing advice to succeed and live a happy life.