A view into the life of a Cuban grandmother “Magali Rodrigez”

This interview was conducted on November 23, 2017 in Miami, Florida. Sofia Caballero (13) interviews her grandmother Magali Rodrigez (64) about her childhood and life.

Stephany Mason and Tabitha Mason

Tabitha Mason, 22, asks her step-mother Stephany Mason, 46, about her career as well as the challenges of joining a family.


2nd interview attempt with my friend, Asma! Not as awkward as the 1st (hopefully) :o)


I asked my grandma about her childhood and she told me about her life as a military brat. She added many colorful and cute stories.

Sisters, Abbi and Amanda Donaldson discuss Amanda’s life.
November 22, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 22,2018 , Abbi Donaldson (17) interviews her older sister Amanda (27) in Abbi’s house located in St. Augustine Florida. Amanda shares childhood experiences and why she is how she is today. She shares lessons...


Taylor inspired the youth with his self motivated spirit and funny personality. Tune in for an awesome (raw) 6minute epic on Taylor's life growing up.

Growing Up

The most important things in life & how you it was growing up.

My Isnpiration in life

In this interview that took place in two different locations. Through Skype, Maria Eugênia (19), a Brazilian international student, interviews her mother, Marisa (49), that is current in her home country Brazil. It happened on October, 2017, on a Monday...

Aaron Clark and Devon Thomas Lee Julian

One Small Step conversation partners Aaron Clark (27) and Devon Thomas (37), both pastors, discuss faith, issues of identity and abortion.

Interviewing My Mom

We talked mostly about my mom’s childhood and what it was like.

Cold War

Cold War was scary to American during that time.

Unfolding the Past, Discovering the Future

In this interview, Olivia Simpson-Klein converses with her grandmother, Mary Klein, about how her upbringing in Florida influenced her beliefs and behaviors today. She speaks to the stained racial relations and segregation in the South as well as her response...

Differences between Indiana and Florida

My Grandma and I talked about how different the seasons are, how the teacher style has changed, and why she moved to florida

Hard Work Is What Matters

My uncle has had many life experiences that have taught him how to be a hard worker and the person he is today.

The great childhood

She had a really amazing childhood with great family and then and amazing marriage and life.

An interview with Jennifer Trunk, my mom.

We talked about my mother’s childhood and the hard time and also the good times.