Superando la muerte de una Madre

Fernando, un joven de 20 años, nos comenta sobre el momento más difícil de su vida, la muerte de su madre. Explica lo que el vivió y da recomendaciones a aquellas personas que están pasando por lo mismo.

Loud Mouth
January 28, 2018 App Interview

A young woman and poet shares her perspective on why it’s important for women to have a voice.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen With Nana

In this interview made on November 26th 2018 in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey and in Florida I ask my Nana Joan Carmen (71) about her school life when she was younger and what her summers were like when she...

Interview With Susan Buckelew on 4/11/21

I interviewed my grandmother to talk about family and our heritage. It helped me learn more about our our family and was a great bonding experience.

“Keep your mouth shut.”

An interview with a German born, Jewish, 82 year old grandma

Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my grandfather talked about his life, what he took from his service, and how his upbringing, and the people around him has changed him, and how he has unto them.

Florida & St. Leo University College

My sister Aliceison Brown who attends a college in Florida enlightens me about her experiences she has.

Interview with my mom

For this assignment I interviewed my mom and learned about her past. I know more about her now then I did before.

Aidan interviewing his Dad

I talked to my dad and learned stuff about him I never knew

Interview with Mr. Pettis

A small talk with our neighbor and friend about life and teaching

Life as Wilmer

Listen as my step-father speaks about his life as a teenager, as a child and his current life. He speaks fondly of his grandmother and parents as they always treated him nicely and made him who he is today. We...

Thanksgiving interview

My grandfather talked about what he’s thankful for,how he got to this point in his life, and his hard work.

Flying to America

When Fidel Castro took over Cuba, he introduced a oppressive communist government. The church offered a program that brought young children to the United States. Young Ileana was one of the children involved. Her parents wanted to make sure that...

Thanksgiving StoryCorps

This interview had two questions; one was asking about her childhood and the other was how she met my dad.

Interview With My Mom

In this interview Liz Della Sala shares key parts of her life and explains how they helped her grow and become the person she is today.

Gabe & Alexa interview

I asked Gabe some questions about life & what was important to him.