The Great Thanksgiving Listening

We talked about my fathers childhood, about his wife and children. We also talked about his religious beliefs and where and why he works where he works.

Getting to know my best friend more

We talked about who her biggest influencer is and then we got into deep questions like how would you like to be remembered and if this were to be our last conversation, would there be anything you would like to...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about many things we started with childhood and ended with how he would like to be remembered. He gave many great words of advice that and shows how hard work passion and love can lead to a happy...

Harryiah interviews Mrs. Celia Preshon

Important things to learn about one an another. Always listen to what your partner has to say it can be really important.


We talked about the differences in college life and the application process along with changes in family life.

Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview my grandfather gave advice, story’s from childhood, and more. This interview gave us a chance to ask some questions he probably never told me the answers to. He grew up as a poor child but he’s family...

Death in Hollywood’s America

A candid discussion about the portrayal of death in American Film and its flaws.

Memories with Mom

We talked about my mom’s childhood and upbringing. We also talked about what she hoped for me and my future and how I have been as a child.

The Iverson Legacy

We (6 kids) wanted to tell my parents story and get a clearer understanding of their life together and apart.

Alif Institute: Awad Awad

US Army Veteran Ben Dininger interviewing Awad Awad, a professor at the University of North Georgia. They speak on Arab culture, being an Arab-American, and life in general.

Sarah Burke and John Burke

Husband and Wife, John Burke (40) and Sarah Burke (37), talk about Sarah's role as Step-Mom to John's Sons, Noah and Eli, and how they make their blended family work.

Jim Martin and Kevin Price

Jim Martin (98) talks with his friend and neighbor, Kevin Price (57) about his service during the Second World War. They cover his initial reticence to enlist and how he changed his mind. They also talk through some of the...

Small Business Success

Please consider these thoughts if you own or operate a small business.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen (Zachary Moss)
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, I interview led my granny about several general topics concerning her life and her family. It was a truly great interview that brought back some great memories of my life with granny and some stories of her...

Demethris Hester and Sabrina Grossman

Sabrina Grossman (34) interviews her friend, Demethris Hester (49), about his most notable memories as a client of Back on My Feet, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness to become self-sufficient.

AP Language project

Rob Woodard is a very dear friend of mine and my family at church. He is a big role in my life and is very kind and loving to us all.

Vannette Wells 12-4-18

Interview /w grandmother regarding early life and family.

Elder Family Interview

During this interview we discussed my Great Aunt's childhood and family. We also talked about me, my grandfather and my mother.

Interview of my Father, Ferrell Chappell

This interview is of my father Ferrell Chappell who was born on August 20th of 1971 in Tift County, GA.

50 Years of Love and Stonewall

Bobby Soletto recounts his experience as a go go dancer at the Stonewall Inn on June 28th 1969 and 50 years of life with his husband.