Mike Mcbrid

Mike McBride’s whole life but focus is on hi childhood and his jobs

Ethan’s Interview

Wyatt Childs, my grandfather, tells me a little bit about my family’s heritage.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Reese Martin

This interview is very short, but sweet. We talk about things ranging from my grandmother's childhood to her advice for many generations to come.

“True love prevails no matter what”

In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in Leesburg, Virginia, Elli Livingston interviews her mom Sherry Livingston about the story of how she met her husband and my father, Lee Livingston. Sherry shares how they met in high school, got...

C Moody and Garfield Peart

Garfield Peart (42) interviews his colleague, C. David Moody, Jr. (57), about his most notable experiences as an African American architect and contractor in Atlanta, GA.

Episcopalian Minister in Savannah

An Episcopalian minister in Georgia shares his experiences and advice for young LGBTQ people.


My boyfriend talks about his childhood, divorce, diabetes, and other fun topics

ELA Project w/ best Mom ever

This interview was taken in Macon Georgia on November 24 2018. Interview of my Mom about her life. Includes her growing up, religion, her children, and her favorite memories.

Thanksgiving Interview

I talked to my Dad about his childhood and joining the marines.

Grandpa Noble – Thanksgiving Listen

This interview is about my grandfather's childhood, our ancestors and what he's grateful for.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Nanny didn’t grow up the way I did. She had a harder life and married much younger!

Brooke interviews her grandad Bo about his life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2021, Bo (77)talks with his granddaughter, Brooke (13), about his childhood, jobs, life lessons, and wife. He tells about how he gained confidence and how important hard work is. He shares the story of...

Susan Krysak, Danny Ginter, and Adela Duncan

Susan Krysak [no age given] talks to her friends, Adela Duncan [no age given] and Danny Ginter [no age given], about Paz Amigos, an organization she started to support men and women who were being released by ICE with no...