Storycorp interview

We touched base on mostly positive subjects about current and past experiences.

Immigration interview

Took me 20 times to record this interview without laughing or yelling at my family to be serious, it turned out horrible but it was the best I could get, this is a recorded interview of my family and me...

Mrs Osika history interview

Me and Mrs Osika talked about her childhood and what is was like back then. To now

Interactive media interview !

I interview one of my teachers, she works in the special needs field. I asked her questions regarding her job!

U.S. History Interview

We talked about where Dr Bose was born and his family’simpact in his life and how it made him who he is today

Immigration Interview

An interview of a first generation immigrant who grew up in Mexico. He shares his story on how he became a US citizen.

Interviewing a teacher

We have talked about a lot like her past. We talked about how long she worked at Hobart and her past

A Class Act

In this interview we talked about some of mrs. Osika’s most proud moments, and people who shaped who she is today.


We talked about his line of work stoutness another his life and what he did as a child