Sudha Vempati and Uma Vempati

Uma Vempati, 45, interviews her mother Sudha Vempati, 70, about growing up in India, her childhood, her marriage, the death of her husband, and the success of having raised three successful girls.

James Interviews His Teacher

James interviews Ms. Jasani about her relationship with her parents and growing up as sn Indian-American immigrant.

Segregation in Indian Society

In my English class, we have been discussing racial segregation through Richard Wright’s memoir, Black Boy. I was curious about the different aspects of segregation occurring around the world.

Thomas Koshy and Roy Koshy

Roy Koshy (37) interviews his father, Thomas Koshy (77) about his life growing up in India, his impressions of the United States when he moved there, his jobs, and his approach to life.

BoiseSpeaks: "Right to information is not yet there."

Aparna and Naga share their stories of the changes they have witnessed and made reality through their volunteer work with the Association For India’s Development.

Gulf War

This is a story of the common lives. When Gulf War was happening. There were lot of people struggling for their families and their own lives.

My Granny’s Childhood and General Info

My grandma talks about her childhood, how it was like for her. She describes her family; specifically her father’s personality and her mother’s sickness. She also mentions a few details about her experience in school.

Family Ties

An interview of my mother and her strong familial ties in india

Sriya Srinivasan and Thatha (grandpa) and Grandma.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen! Featuring Sriya Srinivasan as the interviewer and her grandparents as the interviewees.

Migration as a teen

This interview was about how my father migrated to the United States as a young adult. It shows the success and difficulties that he faced while migrating.


Aruna Patil (68) talks with her son, Akshay (39) about her parents, growing up in various cities (Mumbai, New Delhi, Wellington) in India, and attending medical school.

My “Nana”; A Journey of Hard Work

A story told by a grandpa about his up bringing and his perseverance to tackling the real world asked by his granddaughter. His passion for education and success reflects off of his aspirations and struggles.

Vikram Joshi and Shubhada, his mom talk about growing up in India.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Austin, Texas, Vikram Joshi (14) interviews his mother Shubhada (49) about her childhood in India. Shubhada shares stories about growing up with her father in the military and how the constant moving...

Girish, Vaishali, & Ankush with Scott Acord

Girsish & Vashali met while working for an American company in their home country of India. Not long later they moved to the U.S. Both Hindu, they talk about the upcoming Diwali holiday, (Festival of Lights), what it means to...

Shreya Rajaram: Her Story

On May 21st, I interviewed my friend Shreya Rajaram about her immigration story to the US, and what life was like in India.

A Story About My Mom And Her Life

We talked about my mom’s childhood and what it was like. We also talked about what my sister and I was like as babies.

The Dodani Siblings

Interviewed 3 siblings about growing up in India, their parents, the India partition, their kids and grandkids.

Honors AS Immigration project: Then and Now

American studies project about immigration into the US