My Family Immigration Story

This is the story of what it was like for my dad to immigrate to the the United States.

Gubble is a Bubble

Mainly, we focused on the lessons in childhood and the effects that they have on you in life.

Climate change

For this interview I asked my aunt about her feelings on climate change, how the effects are different all around the world, and her thoughts on climate change in the future.

My Granny’s Childhood and General Info

My grandma talks about her childhood, how it was like for her. She describes her family; specifically her father’s personality and her mother’s sickness. She also mentions a few details about her experience in school.

The great thanksgiving

Interview with my dad. This video is for extra credit for my world history class

Interviewing my mom

My mother is a very hardworking person who I love so much. She has had many ups and downs. She also has, many funny stories about her life in India.

how did you come up?

how my mom lived as a child and how she came to america

My dad growing up in India

My dad grew up in India, and he compares his experiences to mine growing up in the US.

My father’s childhood in Vellore, India
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Talked about my dad’s childhood in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India, back when Vellore was a very small town. Growing up, getting by, customs, traditions, festivals, schooling, relationships with others were discussed.

A Story About My Mom And Her Life

We talked about my mom’s childhood and what it was like. We also talked about what my sister and I was like as babies.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview, I interviewed my mother, Aparna, and I asked her a series of questions regarding her life in America in comparison to India, about her political views, religion, and influential people.

Our deep friendship

Two immigrant friends talking about their 34 year old friendship

James Interviews His Teacher

James interviews Ms. Jasani about her relationship with her parents and growing up as sn Indian-American immigrant.

Childhood/job interview with Chandrika Joshi

I interviewed my family friend about her childhood and her siblings. She talked about how she was inspired to become a doctor by her father. We talked about how long it takes to become a doctor and also about what...

BANI tells the story of her life as a doctor and mother in the United States

Bani Bhattacharyya shares the story of her life, from living in India to moving to Canada and the United States. She and her husband, also a doctor, became parents and practicing physicians and juggling with childcare in the mid-1960s. A...

Talking with dad

This interview is about how my dad and his family immigrated to the United States of America.

Being a “Mormon” in India

Vikram was born in India in the LDS faith. He talks about the struggles of being a religious minority and his transition to BYUH where he is now surrounded by others of the same religion.

Partition Interview

My Grandfather talks about his experience in the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947.

Bela’s interview

We talked about a lot of things such as family, religion, and her childhood.

Rehana Abideen

This interview was such a great experience and I’m sure I will never forget it.

Hanging out with Grandpa

This interview was about my grandpa and his family heritage and a little bit about his life.

My Dad: an Unknown American

Gopal Sagar immigrated from India to the United States in 2001 and settled down in the Silicon Valley. He talks about growing up a small rural town, his experiences immigrating to a new country, the cultural differences between America and...

Childhood in India

In this interview, I talk to my mother about her childhood in India. We talk about her family, the school she went to, and her friends she grew up with. We also talk about how my childhood was different from...