Rajasri Raghunathan & Sr. Lorraine Delaney

Rajasri shares important tenants of her Tamil culture and Hindu faith. She also goes in to great detail of one of her favorite ritual of the female goddess Lakshmi and its meaning to her and her family. Lakshmi is one...

Bhargav Montukuri & Sr. Lorraine Delaney

Bhargav shares with the story of his Hindu faith with Sr. Lorraine. Bhargav, talks about, Mandala, the 41-day period of fasting and prayer to transform human to god, to show love to the Lord Ayyappa. During this time the devotees...

Vastupal Kinkhabwala and Sonia Kinkhabwala

Vastupal Kinkhabwala (83) talks with his granddaughter, Sonia Kinkhabwala (22), about his childhood, marriage, and some of the most meaningful moments in his life.

Himabindu Poroori and Brett Swinney

Brett Swinney (35) interviews his colleague Himabindu Poroori (23) at Chicago Artist Resource about her artistic practice.


Our interview about our family heritage.


My dad talked about his childhood and the people who influenced him most in his life. In addition we talked about his most significant memories and how the impacted him.

The Indian-American Dream

In this interview, I (19) spoke to my parents Deepak Mathur (55) and Shailja Mathur (51) about their childhood, journey to America, and life since then.

Madan Goyal and Nalani Saito

Madan G. Goyal (80) tells new friend and StoryCorps Facilitator, Nalani Saito (24) about his experience of coming to the US from India in 1962 and what stands out to him from his time going to university, working and raising...

Interviewing my Father About Life in India and Coming to the United States

In this interview conducted on December 31st, 2017, sixteen year-old Malini Correa talks to her father, Sanjay Correa (60) about his life growing up in India, school, and his process of immigrating to the United States. He describes his family,...

Importance of community when you’re away from family

Deeksha Misri (18) talks to her aunt Deepti Qasba (56) about the importance of building and being a part of a community when you're away from your home country. They also talk about how staying connected to your community is...

Partition Interview

My Grandfather talks about his experience in the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947.

Bachi Bilimoria

Bachi's experience growing up in India and immigrating to the United States

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021
November 29, 2021 App Interview

The interview is about the life of my grandma in the difficult times of India.

Success Story about Fluper!

Hello I am Anshul Sharma, the CEO & Business Head of Fluper Ltd. How Startup happened, key pillar of company. We believe in complete transparency and authenticity for our clients or employees. Let us understand why Fluper Ltd. claims to...

Eva Harvey and B.J. Harvey

BJ Harvey (41) has a conversation with his Mother, Eva Harvey (69), about her childhood in India, coming to the United States, marriage and motherhood.

Neeraja Subbaiah and Sajani Neeraja

In this conversation, Sajani Neeraja (26) celebrates her mother Neeraja Subbaiah (56), who speaks about what it was like to regain her independence and identity after living in an abusive marriage. Neeraja also speaks about toxic masculinity in Indian culture,...

Interview with mom

I understand that was born in and experienced her childhood in different country. I want to ask her about how her everyday life was back then and how she might compare it to her present life in the U.S.

How is Life? My Mom & Me discuss Life

In this interview, I have a general conversation with my mom on our views on life and especially my life in the US. We discuss areas we need to improve on and qualities of each other that we admire. It...

My Dad

This interview discussed my fathers life and how he came to this country. He discussed his up bringing and how education changed his beliefs and struggles throughout the process.

Being a “Mormon” in India

Vikram was born in India in the LDS faith. He talks about the struggles of being a religious minority and his transition to BYUH where he is now surrounded by others of the same religion.