Recording – 12-29-2023 10:12:44

Vietnam Veteran recalls childhood and life experiences. He shares his experience in traveling for military and his childhood.

Mark and Greg, brothers in high school, talk about memories and the future.

Mark (15) and Greg (16) are brothers who talk about the world on November 28, 2023. They talk about visits to Disney World as children, technology in their lives and how it will affect their future, and memories.

Diane, retired teacher, talks about her family and reflects on her accomplishments as a teacher.

Diane (76) is asked about her childhood and family, as well as the people who affected her life the most. She reflects on her own and her son's weddings, as well as her daughter-in-law. Diane answers why she wanted to...

“Richmond is a perfect place to get started in life”- Caleb talks about discovering Richmond and “growing” the Richmond Farmer’s Market

Caleb Smith tells us about why he settled in Richmond after his college career at Earlham, his vision for the growing Farmer's Market, and what he appreciates about small town living.

"Speak the truth in love is not the worst advice…" – Ben Brazil shares stories of travel, writing, politics and the people of Richmond, IN

If you struggle with the current political climate (especially the public discourse), take a listen to Ben's interview. Learn about his early life, his path to Richmond, religion, and his career/projects. He also talks about the way he navigates current...

Mom interview

We talked about when I was born, what I was like, and what her happiest memory was of me.


My pap talked about how he was a Christian and how he was proud. Also he was proud of what he accomplished in life.

Paul on his role in the civil rights movement: "If you spend all your time worrying about it, then you shouldn't be doing it."

Paul and Alison talk about his unique role of being a white male and civil rights activist (with a special expertise in female African American history). Paul used his privilege to help open doors for those who were at a...

Pets, laughs, and sad moments

We talked about family situations, life, and pets. In the picture you can see my mom, my brothers, my sister, my niece, and my two dogs Zeus and Roxy. I wish I had pictures of the other dogs and the...

Am I Different Than You Expected?

My life history over me growing as a mother and into adulthood without a mother.

A Conversation with my Mom

My mom and I discussed her childhood and what she’s learned while raising her family.

thanksgiving interview

i talked about her life and childhood and how things affected her etc. She was really great about keeping eye contact. She was able to answer most of the question.

I love my life

A daughter interviews her Dad about his childhood, debating politics with his dad, when he became a hippy, hitchiking through Europe, discovering the rennaissance faire, and how he met my mom.

Interview with mom

We talked about what it was like growing up and childhood experiences

Steve Dorbin and David Cramer
October 24, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Steve Dorbin (52) and David Cramer (40) talk about the effect of 9/11 on their lives, their similarities in growing up, government policies towards business and wanting all americans to succeed.

Paul Sniadecki and Dorsey Gordon

One Small Step conversation partners Dorsey Gordon (65), a conservative republican, and Paul Sniadecki (71), a liberal democrat, talking about their values and their mentors, history and current ethics.

Thanksgiving Listen

Today, I sat down with Bendy Farmer. We talked about her childhood and what it was like growing up. In this interview, you will get to learn a little bit about Bendy.

Hannah Jenkins Music Interview

Exploring how music has made my interviewer aware of social problem

"My children and my religion: my posterity. Those are the two most important things to me."

A grandchild's interview with her grandmother, Danielle Hyatt, born in 1958, in Provo, Utah. She talks about growing up and moving everywhere from Indiana to England. She grew up in a very religious family (Mormon), with five siblings, three of...