My interview of my aunt Laurie

She talked about three generations of the Holmes and Robb

Interview with Papa

I talked with my Papa about some of the funniest and his favorite memories from his life. He talked about some of his memories when he came over from Ireland and how it was like in a new country.

Quianna Canada and Sheila Connolly

Quianna Canada interviews Cork Alliance Centre CEO, Sheila Connolly, about supporting previously incarcerated people in Cork, Ireland, through her organisation's services. Connolly's motto is "ubuntu," which is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. In my opinion, Connolly leads...

My moms childhood

I interviewed my mom because I am close with her and I wanted ti learn more about her childhood. I hope to get to know my mom more and where she came from.

Jaroslaw Piekalkiewicz and Ellen Piekalkiewicz

Ellen Piekalkiewicz (58) interviews her father, Jaroslaw Piekalkiewicz (95), about his experiences as a World War II refugee and a member of the Polish unit of the British Armed Forces. They also talk about their home in Lawrence, Kansas, where...

James Bullock and Alicia Bullock-Muth

James Bullock (89) and his daughter Alicia Bullock-Muth [no age given] talk about family history and their memories of growing up in and around Missoula, Montana.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 11/29/17

Eoin Connolly, an Irish immigrant, tells his story. He answers questions about education, religion, marriage, the transition to the USA, and other social and comical topics.

Interview on my dads travel experience

Talking to my dad about his various travel experiences through his work as a professor at UT and his own personal travels throughout his 75 year life

Getting to know my Mom

Life can be rough at some moments in your life but it’s how you get back up that really defies what type of a person you are.

My Mentor and her intercultural Marriage

In this interview, conducted in June 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Aysha Ahmad (17) interviews her mentor Anabel Chavva (27) about her graduate school experience and intercultural marriage. She talks about meeting her Indian husband in Ireland and how they work...

A Chit Chat with Nan

My grandmother, Philomena, told me about life growing up in Ireland, her experiences as an immigrant, her career as a nurse, and her thoughts on generation Z.

Bernie Creaven and Heather Kovar

Heather Kovar (18) interviews her mom Bernie Creaven (55) about her work as a nurse. Bernie works with homeless families in Seattle, WA.

John Friedrich interviews Bob Alpern, Part 5

John Friedrich (55) interviews his friend Bob Alpern (92) about his participation in a protest against a U.S. missiles in Stuttgart, Germany, together with German Green Party leader Petra Kelly and novelist Gunter Grass, as part of his life's work...

Tess Carrozzo interviews George Greco

Tess had asked me a lot of questions about my childhood best first day it’s just personal questions about my life is very informative and I think I gave her a lot of information about her uncle George.

Maggie Bresch Learning More About Her Grandma In Steel Mills And During WWII

I interviewed my grandmother about her life growing up and her parents as well as my dad, her son.

Rita O'Brien and Mary Beyer

Rita O'Brien (80) talks to her daughter Mary Beyer (52) about her parents, her childhood in New York City and her marriage.

Theresa Kilgore and her grandma Ann-Eda Blache talk about her life and their family legacy

In this interview, held in April 2018 in Orange, CA, Theresa Kilgore (23) interviews her grandma Ann-Eda Blache (82) about her life, their family, and her inspirations. The interview takes place in Ann-Eda’s home, which is two houses away from...