Jeremy Wood and Gregg Towery

One Small Step conversation partners Jeremy Wood (35) and Gregg Towery (72) talk about their work with incarcerated youth, how police violence has impacted their lives, and their faith journeys and how it guides the values they believe in.

Susan Kelley and Grace Kelley

Susan Kelley (57) sits down with her mother, Grace Kelley (89), to talk about her experience immigrating to the United States from Palestine, to discuss her passions for nursing and music, and to remember members of their family who have...

Thanksgiving 2017

I discussed with my grandmother about her life and what she learned throughout it. Born January 1st 1933 in Bronx, NY.

Greta Kessler and Alexander Kessler

Son, Alexander Kessler (51) interviews his mother, Greta Kessler (88) about her love and enjoyment of the Yiddish Book Center.

Ann Norman and Norman Jones

Ann Norman [no age given] speaks with her friend and mentor Norman "Norm" Jones [no age given] about their shared love of history and religious studies.

Israel or bust, how my father decided to move to Israel at age 19!

Lia Bloom and her father Andrew, discuss how Andrew decided to leave everything behind in America and move to Israel at age 19. In Israel he went to school, was apart of the IDF, taught and joined rabbinical school. Lia...

Rabbi Ori Har (interviewee) and Maya Laur (interviewer)

Ori Har: 2020-06-03 Maya Laur, age 18, talks with her family friend Rabbi Ori Har age 66. They discussed her family history and how her legacy as a daughter of Holocaust survivors impacts her life today and lives of future...

Shai Robkin and Judy Robkin

Judy Robkin (66) interviews her husband Shai Robkin (66) about the early part of their marriage, including living in Israel for several years. They both grew up in Atlanta and have known each other since 2nd grade.

Samira Jubran and Deeyar Jubran

Samira Jubran (60) and her daughter Deeyar Jubran (31) talk about their family in Palestine and the ways that Palestinian identity has shaped them.

Carol Amster and Michael Brooks

Michael talks to his friend Carol (78) about the development of the Jewish community in Ann Arbor and working together at Hillel.

Roy Greer’s life

I’m going to be asking my grandpa questions about his life and military life.