Theatre, a look at the inside

Professor Nate Gross talks about his career as a theatre professor at Kentucky Wesleyan College

Oral History Interview

Today I learned things about my Granny that I never knew I would enjoy learning. Her intelligence and warming soul made this interview worth so much more.

Thanksgiving Listen – IS (WCCC)

The interesting stories of a teen growing up in the 80’s and how it’s effected him as a person. *sorry about the awkward interruption.... me yelling was just all good fun, haha!

Careers of the Past

This is a special interview talking about past and current careers. My father discussed what it was like to work with tv and radio networks, special artist, and working at the Grand Ole Opry. No job is ever easy so...

Berle Clay

Moving to the farm, early education, rural/urban connection, college and grad school

Tretalogy of Fallot

Ashely Cox discusses the impact that a disease had on her childhood.


This interview was about family and how fun it is to be around family.

Forever Partners

I am interviewing Sharon Sexter, who is my grandmother, about her life. I learn how Sharon started a successful candy shop with no prior experience. I learn where she was born and why she moved. I also learn about her...

Getting to Know Kayla

In this interview, I asked Kayla questions regarding her personal life & mainly stuff focused on her upbringing. I also asked her about her family/ friends.

Finding A FairView of Healthcare: A Conversation with Chris Keyser

Retired CEO of Fairview Community Health Center Chris Keyser shares her insights about the need for and impact of a federally qualified community health center.

Maggie Komp and her grandfather Kenny Mahoney talk about growing up in the South side of Louisville in the 1960s

In this interview, conducted November 28, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky, Maggie Komp (18), interviews her grandfather, Kenneth Mahoney (65), about his childhood in South Lousiville. Kenneth talks about his family life and social aspects of the 50s, 60s, and 70s,...

What’s Going on in your Mind: A Talk with my Daughter during COVID-19

I wanted to sit down and talk with my 11 year old about how her world has changed during COVID-19. I know it is hard on everyone but I wanted to see how she feels. I hope she finds some...

The Reverend’s Wife

Bonnie Kirkman shares a few short anecdotes from her life, and its focus on loving others. Focuses on her youth, meeting her husband, and his subsequent ministry.