Things that would happen to anyone else

In this Interview I had the opportunity of interviewing my mother in law Laura. I asked her many questions about her life that helped me get to know her better.

Corona Virus

We basically talked about the corona virus and how bad it has gotten

Ken Interview

My dad talks about his experience in the Vietnam War and how he came to the United States

Irma Hernandez story

In this interview my grandmother talk about her life in Ventura California. She also talked about how she moved from Texas to Ventura.

Tamara Munoz and Jessie Munoz

Tamara Munoz (15) interviews grandmother Jessie Munoz (76) as she provides testimony to being a female Mexican American growing up in Concord California: 2020-09-17 00:43:05

Kevin West and Adele Yellin

Kevin West (49) interviews his former manager and former owner of the Grand Central Market, Adele Yellin (72), about how the Grand Central Market came about and how she, Kevin and others revitalized the space after her husband's passing.

Important Days

Important days in the life of 75 years and counting

hole you cant get out of

Interviewing my teacher. Who gave me a little background of what inspired him most.

Lisa Robert and Laura Bennett

One Small Step conversation partners Lisa Robert (50) and Laura Bennett (39) consider how their upbringings shaped their political views, and reflect on some of the challenges they’ve faced.

3 Generations of ADHD

In this quick interview, I talk to my mom about what it was like growing up through 3 generations of ADHD.

Great Holiday Listen History Project

“As soon as I cut your umbilical cord, your eyes snapped wide open.” On December 28, 2018, Nikola Tran-Mihail conducted an interview with his dad Karl to gain some insight into Karl’s lifelong influences and what changed him as a...

Yushin Kim interviews Angela Lee

Angela works at a Korean newspaper in Koreatown, where she oversees the website and other media. She has several years of media experience, having worked at MBC and other newspaper agencies. She is a resident at KYCC’s Menlo Family Apartments,...

My grandmother

My grandmother moved around a lot when my mom was little and we just went over childhood memories and stories.

Nonie and Hayden

I talked with my grandmother for my interview. In this interview, I asked her to tell me some stories of my mom and her three brothers growing up in Los Angeles, CA. My grandmother then told me many stories of...