The importance of learning a second language

We began after asking about one positive and one negative experience, which led into a discussion about regretting not learning Spanish.

All about my mother

This about Alma Nunez who grew up in Mexico and America. Its also about her family and friend's also what she would do on school

talking with my best friend

in this interview my dad and I talk about life and listening to his personal thoughts

Interview with my brother

This interview is on my brother. We talked about about his childhood, the lessons he wished he could’ve gave to his younger and the career he’s passionate about.

The Elementary Maverick

Before big campuses like Campbell Hall, schools would be smaller and different then they are today. Alex Sanger, is a father of two who lived in Texas until he moved to LA, he went to elementary there and had lots...

Pam Becoming An American

Pam is a naturalized American citizen. She was born in South Africa during Apartheid and emigrated to the U.S. with her husband and young children.

Life through Grandma’s Eyes

We talked a lot about my grandma’s life - who she dated, who she married, her education, etc. We also talked about her perspective on life - the key to happiness, regrets, successes, etc.

Struggles Shine Faith

Teenage girl learns she is pregnant. She gets kicked out of her home and has to adapt to her life without family.

Winter Final: Great Thanksgiving Listen

Today I talked with my aunt Letty about her growing up, and world events she witnessed while growing up. And how that overall affected her and the things she's most proud of in herself and as a parent.

APUSH Story Corps

I asked to record my mom for the public and she talked about her life and who impacted her.

Seeing you in my face

Adopted at 3 days old it’s taken 56 years to connect to my birth mother. Two continents, an adoption agency, a DNA test and Facebook reunite me to my birth family in th UK

Days Gone By

Martin, an eleven year old boy, was having a good life with friends and family he enjoyed. When, suddenly, a traumatic experience occurs that affects the rest of his life forever.

Interview with a relative

Today I had an interview view with my father. He spoke on his life growing up.

Saving Lives, One GI Tract at a Time

Medicine is in my family’s blood. My name is Ethan Edelstein, I am 14 years old, and I interviewed Susan Edelstein, who is my mother. We recorded this interview in Beverly Hills, California. My mother is a pediatric gastroenterologist who...

Young independence

In he book Black Boy by Richard, being independent is an important topic. Us teenager are being forced to be independent at a young age which come in cons and pros.

LaQuesha Wiley and John Espinosa

One Small Step conversation partners LaQuesha Wiley (34) and John Espinosa (25) talk about their families, what it means to be a "moderate," vaccine hesitancy, and how COVID-19 has brought communities together

The Struggles of Immigration
January 22, 2020 App Interview

From Mexico to the United States, Olivia Lopez has stayed brave and fearless. Olivia has been my house-keeper since I was born and would always take care of me as a baby. In minute 8 of the interview by Emmy...