Immigration in 2001 – a very different time

A successful immigrant story, who realize her dream and stopped at nothing, who had to separate from her own 14 month old child, so she could let us have a better life in the future.


This interview was about the person my interviewer chose to be the person she would always remember and why she would always remember them.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My interview was with my sister-in-law such a nervous activity but I was able to complete what was expected

Service Learning Project

My Dad's experience in what it was like growing up in Los Angeles.

APUSH Story Corps

I asked to record my mom for the public and she talked about her life and who impacted her.

A personal recollection of living through 9/11

Can you imagine witnessing the biggest news story unfold in real time? Well Ann Gurrola and many others who were alive in the early 2000’s did. I interviewed my mom, Ann Gurrola on the terrorist attack of the twin towers...

A Pandemic Tale

I had an interview with my mother who is an essential worker at the Los Angeles catholic archdiocese about the pandemic. It is a little insight into the world of a normal family and her work.

5 Pros of Network Security Assessments

    In today's technological age, local startups and large corporations alike depend broadly on business networks — and chances are acceptable your company is one of them. However, you may be surprised to learn that many companies are not...

“The Recovery of Hollywood”

A son and his father discuss how the movie industry has taken a toll for the worst. How will the movie industry recover and adjust to the new ways of social distancing.

Gayle Hickok

GG shares lessons learned, wisdom gained, and family values rooted in soft, unconditional love.

Thanksgiving Listen with Mom

Talking to my mom about her life before she was a parent and how being a mother has changed her

My interview

In this interview I ask my mother a couple questions of what she thinks of the U. S.


NYFA photography students ask questions then compliment each other

How I found my birth family

She basically told us about how she met her mom and she siblings.


In the interview we talked about my family and there political beliefs

Jose Esparza Journey

Jose Journey of coming to the United States to visit his mom and dad

Nestor Mendez: A Story of Redemption through Education

Nestor Mendez was on the verge of dropping out of high school, and struggled with suicidal ideation, until he met teachers who changed his path in life