It was an opportunity I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t come to Wellesley.

Professor Bryan Burns talks with Kaylie Cox ’18 about their experiences in Greece working together on the Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project.

Enzo Vallée and John King

John King (79) spoke about his military experience in the Navy with Enzo Vallée (16).

This type of relationship – that connection – I think is something special that happens here.

Margo Sulmont ’13 talks with her Wellesley art professor, Daniela Rivera, about how her drawing class helped prepare her for a career in urban planning.

Grandma’s Childhood

The hardships of a distance drunken dad. My great grandad was kinda distance and not around involved in the kids life.

Pierre Joseph and his granddaughter Paige Looney speak about his immigration from Lebanon.

Pierre and Paige discuss his family history, the move to the U.S. from Lebanon, and compare the two places and his childhood across both of them.

Me and My Mom

We talked about my mom and her childhood.

Dennis Doherty and Kaite Hildreth

Dennis Doherty: 2020-04-29 13:04:50. Dennis and Katie their roles as registered nurses, involvement in the 2013 Boston Marathon, and how they apply lessons from that experience to today's COVID pandemic.


We talked a lot about his childhood and what it was like. Then a lot about his mistakes and what we should do to not be like him.

Thanksgiving Interview with My Dad

This clip contains the audio of an interview I had with my dad on Thanksgiving 2021. In this interview, we discussed aspects of his childhood, including memories, people, and school. The thumbnail of this clip is a photo of my...

Interview with Dad

This was a very good experience to share with my father and I’m glad I did it.

Immigrant Interview

This interview is about my mom and I discussing about her immigration to America and her lifestyle.

John real

An interview of my successful stepdad

The life time of my mother.

This was mostly about the life of my mother as a child through out the present day.

Interview with Mom

My mom and I had an in depth discussion about her childhood and her advice for me and the future generations of our family.

Alexis and her mother, talking about life experiences

In this interview, conducted on December 3rd 2020, in Beverly, Massachusetts, Alexis interviews her mother, asking about her childhood, funny stories, and present day life. Kristina shares funny, sad, and happy moments with Alexis. In the end of the interview...

Stories Of A Mother

Anna Ross recounts moments from her childhood in the United States and Ireland, and how they shaped her view of the world. Interviewed by her daughter, Ita Berg, she also explains how being a mother in America has changed her...

Bruso Family Memories

Morel and Belanger family and Boisseau and Douville family history to their arrival in Whitinsville MA and Robert Bruso’s childhood.