Interview with Grandma about Grand Rapids and the American Dream

I interviewed my grandmother about her views on the American Dream and how Grand Rapids has changed over the years

Mom Interview

I asked my mom questions about her life. I was surprised about some of her responses.

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked of an overview of my mothers life growing up and her own mother.

School in France

12 year old girl Zelie interviews her dad about his school career as a child.

My Grandmother's Values

My grandmother talked about what her life was like growing up in Flint, Michigan. She talked on her parents, and what her job as a Nurse was like. She explains why her family is so important, and also her religion

Life Story interview with Pastor Darrell Delaney and the writer of his Life Story, Eli Bult.

A writing contest was held for the 5th grade class at West Side Christian Elementary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Out of 35 students, Eli won the contest and received $500 towards his elementary tuition by the contest sponsor, Heritage Life...

Jeremy Arndt and Kathleen "Katie" Rice

Jeremy Arndt (34) talks with StoryCorps intern, Katie Rice (22), about his late grandfather’s life and military service in World War II.

Leah Aureli Interviewing Charles Wells

Me and my grandfather talked about his childhood and how he grew up. We also mentioned his time in the military and how it was significant in his life.

Mary Cowell & Alexis Cowell

Growing up was a struggle that taught many lessons and gained knowledge. Having children was another mile stone that shaped her into the person she is today. Having an relationship with God that helped her through all of the hard...

Interviewing my Father About Life in India and Coming to the United States

In this interview conducted on December 31st, 2017, sixteen year-old Malini Correa talks to her father, Sanjay Correa (60) about his life growing up in India, school, and his process of immigrating to the United States. He describes his family,...

Abier Najm shares stories, and wisdom from her childhood for listeners in the future.

Abier Najm(46) speaks to her son, Omar Abdalla(15), about her childhood life. She speaks about the struggles she went through living in an oppressive society in fear of the government and how she pushed through it. Both funny and sad,...

The synopsis of Alison Routt

This is Matthew Routt (16) interviewing his mother Alison Routt (49). This was interviewed in Flint Michigan. She talks about her life with her siblings when she was young and her passion for music and how that came to be.

My interview of my mom By: Delaney Hitsman ELA6

My interview was maiming about my mom and her life growing up and her life while she was younger.


In this interview, I talk to my mom and it is made very clear that she loves my dog the most.

Interview with BB

I interviewed my grandmother about her life as a child, teenager, and adult.

Grandma Chioini

In this interview, my grandma will be talking about her life story and some of her favorite parts of her life.

Maddie Komatinsky and her Grandma talk about growing up in Wales and family and friends along her life path.

In this interview conducted on Nov. 26 in Manhattan Beach, California, Maddie Komatinsky interviews her grandmother, Anne, about her childhood and growing up. Anne shares thoughts, stories and memories of growing up in Wales, moving to he US, meeting friends...