“Jade favorites”, by Mya Mclead, an recoded interview with her cousin Jade Bayones

In this interview, conducted on November 28, 2021. Mya,11, interviews her cousin, Jade Bayones,23, about her favorites things growing up. Jade shares her favorite teachers in high school, subjects, and more. This interview was conducted for a project for psychology...

Barbara Woodruff talks about her life.

Barbara talks about her childhood in the suburbs of Detroit, her work experience, her husband, and more.

The great Easter listen

I interviewed my grandmother regarding her childhood and her life now

StoryCorps Interview with my Grandpa

For the StoryCorps assignment in English Class, I interviewed my grandfather from my mom’s side.

Lawrence Gramse Jr and his mother Quayondra Smith talk about her journey as a young mother in Flint, Michigan.

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Flint, Michigan, Lawrence Gramse Jr (15) interviews his mother Quayondra Smith (35) about her life as a young mother in a fairly hard city. Quayondra shares her story of how she hid...

Practice interview

I interviewed Kendall Brown and asked her how she wants to be remembered. She says she would like to be remembered as someone who made a big change to one area in life.

PJ Shaman Interviews Classmate Tommy Denha about his Life
April 20, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in April 20th 2022 in Michigan. PJ Shaman(13) interviews his classmate Tommy Denha(13) about his childhood and lesson he had learned. He shared his life, what he does, and lessons he has learned. Near the end...

Noor Abu-Rus interviews her grandma Maria Angela Silmi about her experiences growing up female

In this interview Noor Abu-Rus, A student a Eastern Michigan University records an interview with her grandmother at Maria Angela Silmi. The interview was conducted for an assignment for Noor’s psych of women class during the interview Ms. Silmi discusses...

Oral History Project

I interviewed my grandmother who moved from Italy to the U.S. in the 1950s.

Chris Perrin

Dialogue of Chris parent the head men's basketball athletic trainer at the University of Detroit Mercy just getting a little feel for his day in his career and what he wants to get out of life

The great thanksgiving listen

An interview of my mom and questions about her life and her faith.

Christine Booth and Jon Giaimo

Christine Booth (46) and One Small Step partner Jon Giaimo [no age given] discuss the consequences of social media, the Black Lives Matter movement, the homelessness crisis, and America's position in the war in Ukraine.

The great childhood

She had a really amazing childhood with great family and then and amazing marriage and life.

Jillian and Christian discuss preparing for the climate emergency

We discussed the climate emergency and resource descent and their impacts on attention and stress. We included ways that individuals and communites can cope with these stressors, from personal experience and academic sources.

Yale Fillingham and Emily Fillingham

Emily (28) speaks with her husband Yale (29) about how the met, their engagement, wedding, and their honeymoon. Yale and Emily express their love for each other through sharing all the different things they appreciate about one another.