Bicycle Driver’s Ed at U.S. Grant

Interview with Mx. Hilbert, 4th grade teacher at U.S. Grant school regarding Bicycle Drivers Ed

Life of my grandfather continued

My grandpa talked about his childhood life and his thanksgiving traditions and the civil rights movement

Interview of my father; Patrick Mitchell

My father Patrick Mitchell shares details of his life growing up in Milwaukee.

Grandmas life

How my grandmother has dealt with life amongst the years

My Grandma Life

In this interview my grandmother reflects about the challenges and struggles in her life.

A Life Well Lived -Paula Hoffman Fine

Paula Fine was born in 1941 in Chicago. She defied current standards of women’s position in society by seeking “more.” She attended college and earned a Masters in Library Science. She worked as an English teacher as well as a...

Race in America

This interview is conducted by a student, Jonah Schifano. The interviewee is one of his teachers, Timothy Ustruck. This interview is about how race is viewed in Nicolet High School.

The Canoe Journals of Early Twentieth Century And Their Testiment To American Culture

An interview of Martha Greene Phillips, daughter of Howard Greene, about how his canoeing journals leave a history rarely documented. These journals contain well preserved photographs from 1906 to 1916 documenting the natural beauty of deindustrialized land and peaceful native...


This is just a brief summary of some of the things that are important to me.

Claudette goes to Milwaukee.

Discussion of why my grandmother moved to Milwaukee

The Cold War

We talked about the Cold War and how it changed his life and how the times were during that time

Grandma Millie Dallmann

Christmas time interview with grandma about her life, and life in general just before her ninetieth birthday.

Coming to America

My mother’s story of how she immigrated to the US

Londyn Adams

NFL players kneeling and how you feel about it