My Mom

We talked about what she liked to do as a kid and what it was like living in Minnesota. We also talked about her High school and college experiences.

The Story of a Vanishing Culture

My mother and I talk about her childhood growing up as a Hmong individual that immigrated from Laos. We talk about Hmong culture and what it means to us and the relevance of Hmong today.


Growing up in 1970s and 1980s in a white community.

Interview With my 89 year-old Grandpa

My Grandpa was born in 1930. We talked about everything from the start of WWII to him going on road trips with my Grandma and all of their kids. We even talked about who he voted for in the 1948...

Grace’s Interview

Satchel Moss interviewed Grace Moss about many things in her life.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my Grampa’s life and a lot about my parents and aunt.

My iterview

We talked about Africa. We talked about family and growing up.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Me and my mom talked about her and my dad. We talked about how they met and all the fun times they’ve been through. I also asked her about herself and influential people in her life.


The summary of this interview : In this interview my grandmother talks about her childhood in Minnesota and how things were so different from then and now.

A Short History on Linda Shelton’s Life

We talked about what things we like while she was a child. Also important memories that she has.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Podcast
November 27, 2017 App Interview

My dad talks about his life and struggles before and during the Vietnam War up to his escape and adjustment to life here in the US… plus how he met and eventually married my mom. Stories of tense sail-boating trips,...

Nate Leavey ‘s grandma

In this interview you will hear about the events that shaped my grandmothers child hood


Meet my grandpa, one of the single most influential people in my life. Over the course on his 70+ years here on earth he has learned and accomplished some pretty great things. Today he shared some with me. Here’s what...

From the Midwest to the OC

Mark and Karen Anderson are siblings who are 10 years apart and spent years away from each other to now reunite in the OC. Stories of their midwestern upbringing in a religious family and how that impacted their lives.

Blind in the badlands

My grandpa had a dream that he suddenly goes blind on a 1 foot wide ledge that was a 1000 foot drop on either side

Interview with Thomas Hendrickson

Interview with my dad, Thomas Hendrickson we talked about everything from his childhood to his profession to his children. I learned a lot from this experience it taught me a lot.