Marcia Dunn and Annie Garde

Friends and colleagues Marcia Dunn (81) and Annie Garde (75) discuss their work as hosts of the long-running, children's radio program, The Pea Green Boat.

Janet Hulme and Erika McMillin

Erika McMillin (48) interviews her mother, Janet Hulme (75), about her childhood, her career, her marriage, the places she’s lived, and the life lessons that she has learned along the way.

Rick Pyfer and Sara Pyfer Fowler

Sara Pyfer Fowler (46), interviews her father, Rick Pyfer (70), about his family history, heritage, childhood memories, and life in East Helena, Montana.

J Killpack – U.S. Navy

Past memories, important people, and experiences and stories from time spent in or out of the Navy

Dave Scott and Keith Hardin

Keith Hardin (69) interviews his friend Dave Scott (74) about his career fighting wildfires for the U.S. Forest Service and about how the wildfires he fought inspired his book, "The Fury of the Beast."

Matthew Sanford and Sarah Aronson

Sarah Aronson (41) interviews her husband, Matthew Sanford (46), about his experience living openly as a bisexual father. They also recount their love story and reflect on the role Matthew's sexuality plays in their relationship.

Dylan Running Crane and Sean Chandler

Dylan Running Crane [no age given] interviews her colleague Sean Chandler (51) about his perspective and connection to his art, language revitalization, and Indigenous culture.

Growing up Livingston

An interview with somebody very near and dear to me, my mom, and a discussion on what it was like growing up in a small town in Montana.

Worlds Greatest Father, Colin Sherrill

From riding his bike as a child through downtown Danville, California to chasing wild boars through the Amazon jungle with his two daughters, 51 year old Colin Sherrill takes us through his childhood as well as the struggles and succeses...

Granddad’s 100th birthday

Interview with John Busma by his granddaughter, Katie Harrold, on his 100th birthday about his life growing up on a farm in Montana, his service in the US Navy, and life in general.

Ray Campeau shares childhood memories of the multicultural Butte community

Ray Campeau recalls the Serbian celebration of Mesopust, the coming of the interstate, his family's heritage, and the round-the-clock hardworking miners in Butte.

Interviewing Dad

This interview touches on some great memories in the life of my dad, Jack. I wanted to interview him because I never knew a lot about his younger days, and I am really glad that I did. I got to...

Jurica Homestead Story, Part 4 (4)

Alvin Jurica telling the story of his family coming to America and homesteading in southeastern Montana. In Part 4, Alvin discusses how he hurt his back, irrigation, electricity, entertainment, and communication.

Avery Vernon and Janet Palen

Avery Vernon (21) and her grandmother Janet Palen [no age given] discuss their shared memories about Montana, music, travel, and their life's purpose and goals.

Jenny Rask Interviews father Gene Rask about his life. Interview about Gene's Uncle Buster and his father Badih and Annie Rask.

Jenny Rask: 2021-01-24 01:31:13 Jenny Rask(49) interviews father Gene Rask (88) about his life. The births of Mary Rask, Gloria and Nancy Rask and what that meant to the family. His mother Marguerite's preparation for Mary's birth, family genetics and...