APUSH Interview with Uncle Rich

Interview with my Uncle Rich who lives in San Fransisco, California

What cooking has taught me.

I interviewed my grandmother to tell her back story on her cooking experience.

Transitioning from Duke University to the NFL 1972 – 1973

Ernest Jackson played defense back and running back as a senior for Duke University in 1971. He is the is the only player to win ACC offense player of the week and ACC defense player of the week in the...

Nita Morgan Hawkins 7/5/18

This is my second recording of my grandmother Nita Morgan Hawkins talking about nurses training in New Orleans with her sister-in-law Mary Hawkins Bowen in the early 1950's and how she met my grandfather, Forrest Hugh Hawkins.

Jacob Bay and Veronica Papendieck

Veronica Papendieck(70) is interviewed by her grandson, Jacob Bay(14) about her life.

English Project

My grandma and I talked about her childhood and different things she’s experienced in life

Interview with my Aunt Aisha

Talking with my Aunt about her interests and the people around her who inspired her to do those things.

Interview with Papa. Bob Liljeberg

Asked my grandfather things that I never would had thought of. It was nice to learn things that I probably would never asked him.

A Life spent between New Orleans, OC and Peru.

We spoke about my mom’s life in New Orleans, and in Peru. Then we spoke about my life in Orange County and how mom and I have seen OC change!

Matthew Fanguy (17) and Mary Hartenstein

My grandmother tells me about her childhood and early life. She lived in a small house with a lot of people so she has always been surrounded by family. Family ended up playing a major role in her life

Donald Boesch and Eric Davidson

Eric Davidson (61) speaks with his faculty colleague and former boss, Donald "Don" Boesch (72) about how Don has worked in different ways to improve science's impact on policy. They talk about his work on a program called "We are...

McKenzie Lovelace and Alison Thero

Friends McKenzie Lovelace [no age given] and Alison Thero [no age given] discuss their experiences running local businesses in Pensacola, FL and express gratitude for their friendship, which has both brought them joy and eased the challenge of running a...

Lea Zikmund and Lisa Coffey

Lisa Coffey [no age given] tells StoryCorps facilitator and conversation partner Lea Zikmund (23) her experience surviving Hurricane Betsy and how the lessons learned from that event relate to the COVID-19 crisis.

Erica Jackson Green and David Green

Spouses, Erica Jackson Green (48) and David Green (46), share a conversation about their family, the places they have lived, the communities they have found, and how they hope their futures will unfold.

Interviewing my Grandma

Barbra Killey(77) talks with her grandson, Knox Weggler(13) about her childhood in Illinois and how it was like being a wife and mom to a husband in the Navy.

Talking with my Dad

In my interview I talked with my dad about family, Mardi Gras, and life.