Growing up in Florida!

Growing up in Florida. My best memories, my worst memories, and my childhood move from FL to NY, my childhood friends and my siblings.

Interview with Mom

In this interview, I learned a lot about my mother’s childhood and who she looks up too.

Love: My Dads Perspective

I asked my dad a series of questions about his relationship with my mom like how they met, their first date, and how he proposed.

Belisle Thanksgiving Listen
November 28, 2019 App Interview

We talked about our holiday memories. Adult and childhood memories.


It’s Thanksgiving and I had a brief interview with my grandmother. I thought she would talk more… usually she talks a lot, but she likes to talk more about others than herself. She’s very selfless like that. For reference, her...

Mother Goose

The life of a Mexican immigrant is told to the world. From the past of her childhood, to the hopes of future generations, my mother presents her story of Emma Finkel. P.S. my spanish sounds sooo bad here, it doesn’t...

Larry Vranka Interview

An interview with father Larry Vranka about his valuable memories from his life and the people in them. He speaks about his experience with the September 11th attacks while he was out of the country, important advice his family gave...

"Don't Take Life For Granted"

In today's interview, the interviewer Frankie Wright, asks his mother, Patty, about his ancestors and old family traditions. During the interview Patty talks about early childhood and early memories. She also talks about how work has affected her life and...

COVID 19 questions with Aloke

In this interview my dad will answer some of my questions about how the pandemic has affected his life

Orbit Clayton & Eliel Cruz

Orbit Clanton (56) tells Eliel Cruz about growing up in Baltimore, MD, joining the navy, realizing he was gay, falling in love, and becoming an HIV activist.

Harold Kooden PhD for Stonewall Outloud (Part 1)

One of the first openly gay psychologists in the country, who helped to create the first network of LGBT health professionals and mobilize the gay community during the AIDS crisis.

Interviewing grandpa about his orphanage days

Seven year old Dalia interviews her 80 year old grandpa about growing up in a New York orphanage.

The Civil Rights Era and my Grandmother

My Grandmother spoke about what it was like to have lived through the civil rights era.

Impressions On How Life Has Changed For The American

This interview conducted in Niskayuna, New York in December 2017, by Matthew Chao (16) interviewing his grandfather John Dowley (74) about his time growing up and his family. Dowley shares how his family influenced his life and initiated changes in...