Adolescence Interview

Grandparents Evelyn and Fritz Grupe describe their experiences as adolescents. Significant cultural events, parents, social environments, and discovering identities are discussed.

I'm So Proud of Them: Christopher Blake Interviews Tammie Vivlamore

Whether it be in New Jersey or New York, Tammie Vivlamore's life experience has been crazy from the start. In this interview, Tammie opens up about her less-than-stellar childhood, where she ended up in her 20's, and how becoming a...

Pandemic life as a Healthcare Worker

Being a healthcare worker is tough, but you can overcome what you love to do.

How 9/11 affected my Dad

My dad told me about his day on 9/11 and how terrifying it was. Additionally, he spoke on how it changed him as a person.

Cassie Gibson and Kevin Alarcon

Cassie Gibson (28) speaks with new acquaintance and conversation partner Kevin Alarcon (25) about their music career and their move from their hometown in Binghamton, New York to Decatur, Georgia.

Perry interviews Grandma Joanie in Atlanta Georgia.

My grandma loves to tell stories. Interesting stories if anything. I thought she would be the best person for this project and loved hearing from her.

"Family is the Idol of Philippine Society"

This interview was done for the "Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019" on November 30, 2019 with my sister. Since she was not able to make it to Thanksgiving due to personal reasons, I interviewed her while she was in New York....

Patricia Smith and Megan Shepherd

Megan Shepherd (18) talks with her grandmother Patricia "Pat" Smith (80) to learn more about their family's history. Topics include how Pat met her future husband and being a mom to eight children.

9/11 interview

Michael Scheferman shares his feelings and experiences about 9/11

Chat with Abu

During this interview, I spoke with Abu to talk about his life and experiences. We spoke about his education, family life, and hardships he has faced. Abu really opened up to me and told me his inner throughts when he...

Kimberly Lemite and Daniel Elliott

Friends and One Small Step partners Kimberly Lemite (54) and Daniel Elliott [no age given] reflect on the impact of their family histories. They talk about the legacy of slavery in the United States and what it means to truly...

Living His Best Life

My interview with my Great Uncle Steve was nothing short of spectacular. I learned a lot about his interesting life story and was able to discover the secrets of how to live a long and happy life. We talked about...

Metro Deli: Gus Catechis – Jack Silberstein

Gus Catechis owns Metro Deli, the center of Scarsdale commerce situated in the five corners. For decades Metro has been a thriving hub of delicious food, kind waitstaff, and a comfortable environment. Unfortunately, like many other small businesses, Metro was...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021

This is an interview between me and my mom. She is kind enough to share memories going from her early childhood all the way to the future with me and future listeners. Look out at the end when she doubts...

Civita Schilling and Michael Schilling

Michael Schilling (56) shares a conversation with his mother, Civita Schilling (83), about Civita’s childhood in Utica, New York, her grandfather’s bakery, her experience in high school, and her passion for singing.

Edward Bloch and Meredith Skeath pt. 1

Meredith Skeath: 2020-08-30 00:22:00 Meredith Skeath (71) interviews her cousin, Edward Bloch (85) about his childhood in New York and parents, Eugene and Marie Bloch.

Christopher Rzigalinski and Paige Danoff

Paige discusses her feelings about post-Covid life, a return to semi-normalcy, and getting back to office life.

Robert O’Handley Renaissance Man

My father spoke about his memories is his father, my papa, Robert O’Handley. He recalled memories from his childhood and what his father taught him and accomplished career wise. He retold stories from my papa’s childhood and how his family...

Jacob Johnson and Edgar Lawrence

Jacob A. Johnson (67) interviews his uncle Edgar Lawrence (92) about his time in the Navy, his transition back to civilian life, and his life after the military.

"Why aren't you using a wine glass" "we don't have wine glasses mom" "…..That's terrible"

This interview was conducted with my mother, Andrea Biggs. My mom is 43, she is a Logistics Specialists for the Navy and currently stationed in San Diego. My mom has always been very distant and anti-social, so I think that...