Interviewing my mom.

We talked about how she grew up and what she does for living.

A one of a life time lesson

In this interview conducted on January 13, 2019 in Irvine California, Diangelo Guevara, which is 16 years, interviews his grandfather, William Rodríguez, about his childhood in the country of Puerto Rico. Mr. Rodriguez shares stories about his harsh childhood and...

Grandpa sicilian,we miss you!

we talked about how my dads dad was in life and how it would bring memories back

A Grandmother's Wisdom and Reflections

Miriam (Mimi) Dunham is a wife, mother of 5, sister and grandmother. She reflects on her parents and childhood, proudest moments and some of her regrets. (Apologies for some spotty audio issues!)

Interview with “Saba” Goldlust

An evening conversation about a loving grandfather with his son (and grandson) about growing up in New York City

Christine’s Life

This interview was brought back to my mother, Christine Benedetto, life. She shared her feelings, attitudes, and relationships.

Andrea and Alexa

Andrea and Alexa talk about their (secret) marriage to each other, trampolines, and Jeeps.

Aviva Berke and her Aunt Jen talk about growing up in Rochester, NY and moving to Canada.

In this interview, conducted on November 24th, 2018 in Rochester, New York, Aviva Berke (16) interviews her aunt Jennifer Dockstator (57) about their childhood in Rochester and moving to Canada when she grew up. Jennifer shares stories from her family...

A Day that Lives in Infamy

Me and my mother recount the most memorable moment she remembers living in New York. 9.11 rocked the world and affected my family directly.

Mom tells me about her experiences with my family

Mom talks about her life as a stay at home mom and how she ended up there, why she chose to be at home with me and my brother, and how our family has impacted her.

All About Beth Harris

Beth Harris(36) talks to Miyah Winter(14) about her childhood and what growing up in a Guyanese home made her into.

Life through Grandma’s Eyes

We talked a lot about my grandma’s life - who she dated, who she married, her education, etc. We also talked about her perspective on life - the key to happiness, regrets, successes, etc.

Interview with grandpa
November 23, 2018 App Interview

We talked about grandpa’s life and what he remembers of his childhood and raising kids.

Jasier and Jarlin 2

Jasier interviews her sister Jarlin about her life experiences.

Grandma’s Voice

I was 10 when my Grandma came to live with us. This is about her impact on me and my life.

Life in Quarantine: Aniceto Andres Solares Part 1

After living through a pandemic since March 2020, five people share their unique experiences and how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected their lifestyle, mental health, physical health, views, etc. Recorded August 16, 2020

Harper Brady: Acting

Harper Brady answers questions about his acting career, and how it came to be. He explains where he wants to go, as well as some of his best memories.