Before the Pill: women’s reproductive health

My mother was one of the first women’s health nurse practitioners in the US. This is the story of her life’s work.

Interview with Ms. Mendelsohn

Ms. Mendelsohn is a science teacher at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School. She is also a mother, daughter, and a wife. She has thankfully agreed to conduct an interview about legacy and decisions.

“My baby is my everything…”

Cynthia Parvinn discusses her personal and professional life throughout this interview. We get a better glimpse of the most important things and moments in her three decades of life.


We talked about adjusting to a new country and marriage


Esto fue una intrevista sobre el attaque del 9/11

Glimpse Into Grandpa’s Life

We discussed my grandpa’s life from his childhood up until present day.

Eldest Daughter

My grandmother and I talk about her upbringing in a small town on Lake Champlain.

Inaaya’s Mom and her life

Inaaya asks her mom questions about her and life/childhood.

The Life of a Lesbian before and after Stonewall.

Linda speaks on learning about herself as a Lesbian, relationships, how she was treated by different people in her life, and writing.

"I love you."

Dear pals, Lexie and Marina, talk about growing up in the Midwest, resonance with effeminate men, coming out as many things, hospitalization, the anthology “Written on the Body.” The interview may or may not close with a lil song 🙂

Theresa Foley and James Foley

Theresa Foley sits down with her father to learn about his life and experiences.

Paige Shaw interviews Jamie Shaw (Mom)

Spoke with my mother and definitely learned some new things that I didn’t before like how she found out her dad passed, when and what she did with her grandmother, how she didn’t have good friends until she was in...

Title with my sister

I interviewed my sister about life and sports. I also asked her some favorite memories from our childhood.

Conversation with my mom about 9/11

We talked about her experience. She was teaching second grade at the time and one thing she remembers most was talking to her students about what had happened.

People Magazine Interview

I interviewed my first cousin once removed, Kim Hubbard. She works for People Magazine.

Interview with grandma

We spoke about past events in life and accomplishments.

My mom, MJ Viscardo

I just asked some questions about my mom and found out some things that I never knew before. I figured out what her childhood was like and her growing up. It was nice to have her share her experiences with...

My Grandpas amazing life

My grandpa has may amazing stories through out the video I really learned a lot about him.

Grandparents Interview

Interview about Mary Ann Wall and Rory Wall’s childhood, adulthood, values, how America used to be, etc.