A memorable encounter with an older French woman while traveling in Europe

Elizabeth met an older woman in a small town in France who seemed to be eternally grateful to all Americans for the help they gave to France during World War II

Great Recession Interview Paul Warner HGMS 8-1

An interview about the Great Recession and its impact on the lives of people.

Independence Sexual Misconduct

I interviewed the head of AIS, Katie Willett, about her thoughts regarding sexual misconduct at our school.

Overcoming my bullying

A brief summary of how I overcame bullying and self esteem issues as a child. How I am applying it to my present.

Mom and I

We talked about my Mom's life and things that have been both meaningful and challenging.

Thanksgiving Interview

I asked him about his life and how his actions or things he did that made him become who he is today.

Great Recession of 2008

This is a school Project that we are supposed to interview our parents, about the Great Recession of 2008

About my Mom

The interview was recorded on October 25 in Mint Hill, North Carolina. I(Colby) has learned a couple more things about my Mom and how she was brought up as a child. My mother’s name is Leslie Ryan, and she has...

Interview Questions

I’m Carmen caraballo and I’m interviewing my aunt about the Great Recession

Thanksgiving 2018
November 23, 2018 App Interview

We discussed robyns current career after being a full-time mom for 22 years

All About My Grandmother.

In this recording I learn quite a few things about my grandmothers childhood, political views, and life lessons. She shares information about her family before my her kids and also looks upon her achievements in life.

Sheldon Nussbaum and Rachel Nussbaum

Rachel Nussbaum (35) and her father, Sheldon Nussbaum (66), talk through the circumstances that led to their 21 year estrangement and how they were able to rebuild a relationship.

American Dream Interview with Ms. Dedra Thomas

We talked about her views of the American dream. She believes that is very personal and different based on each person. We also spoke about her parents and her views on god and how it has helped her achieve the...

Terri Davis and Bob Gratton

One Small Step participants Terri Davis (67) and Bob Gratton (61) discuss their upbringing, the loses they have faced, and their thoughts on politics and media today.

Sarah Lister and Jef Evans

Close friends Sarah Lister (52) and Jef Evans (51) look back on their shared memories from growing up in a conservative community connected to the West Gate Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida.

Keith Jemison and Maybelle Wallace

Keith Jemison (64) shares a conversation with his dear friend Maybelle Wallace (92) about the history of Black Wall Street, including the Tulsa Massacre, as well as the continued importance of the Greenwood community and the power of love to...

The Story of His Life

Interview with Kevin Beasley who is my grandfather.