Nathalie Martinez & Jill Mendoza – Las Vegas, Nevada 10/10/2020

Jill Mendoza (19) talks about her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic in Las Vegas, Nevada and how her academic life was impacted. She also talks about the Black Lives Matter Protests and COVID-19 protocols in Las Vegas as compared to...

wilhite and watters interview

She tells me about her relationship with one of her close friends that had passed away.

Story Corps English 10 Interview :Drew Lake

We talked about things that he did/does in the military, we talked about how things he thought was one way, but turned out to be different.

Family Journey
November 6, 2017 App Interview

This was an interview with my dad, Manoj. He talks about his life as child, me, and his passions and goals in life. He aslo talks about our grandparents and great grandparents- where they lived and how their life was.

Michael Amadeus , 12/3/2020

Interview with my co worker Michael Amadeus. Michael’s a shy man, he doesn’t like to draw much of any attention to himself so this interview really wasn’t easy to get him to agree to.

Christmas 2017 with Papa Weeden

Recording of PaPa Weeden (Frederick Daniel Weeden II) and Dan Weeden (Frederick Daniel Weeden IV) on Christmas Eve 2017

My Great Grandma

My mother will be talking about the life of my Great grandma

Life from a different view.

This interview is about what life was like growing up, and how certain events and phases change people.

Interviewing my grandpa

My grandpa face many challenges in the navy but he says it was worth it

“You can be a man of integrity and work at the county dump”

Bill Hicks talks about joining the Arlington County police department years after almost being killed by a police officer for attempting to help black voters in Georgia register to vote during the civil rights movement summer of 1967.

Kati Frazier and Angie Frazier

Kati Frazier (34) and her mother, Angie, discuss her grandmother and learn how to use StoryCorps Connect.

Family journeys

I interviewed my Ant Liz about her childhood and what her life was like growing up

Learning about Grammy

An interview about the childhood and home life of my Grandmother and the lessons she has learned throughout her life.

Isabella Cook interviews her Grandma, Elizabeth Pezzetti, about her journey to become a judge.

In this interview, conducted on April 2018 in Troy, Michigan, Isabella Cook (12) interviews her grandma, Elizabeth Pezzetti (76), about her journey to become a judge. Elizabeth reflects upon her story and shares some inspiring memories. These memories include how...


Bestfriend interviews fellow bffl. For ms hoyles sophomore seminar project project

Barrett brown And her grandma Charlie Lennon talking about her life living in California and in North Carolina.

In this interview, on November 26 2020 in The bay area in California, Barrett Brown age (13) Will be talking to her grandma Charlie Lennon age (83) talking about her life moving states, going to college, her childhood, and being...

Combat Veteran interviews Military Widow

Mrs.Joy was kind enough to share her life experiences with me and I am forever grateful. She is a military widow who owns her own daycare. Being a combat veteran myself, I had countless questions because of the many intersections...