Thanksgiving Story

This interview was about my grandfathers life ; his childhood his parents his kids and grandchildren and his values.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My dads’s interview of his memories. If he wishes to forget, or remember.

Interviewing my mom
November 27, 2017 App Interview

How my great-grandma has affected my mom’s life, and experiences in my mom’s life.

Irene Baron post WW 2
October 20, 2020 App Interview

Susan Baron Zerman interviews her mom about affairs of the heart

Interview with Uncle Ron

Ron talked about his childhood and his interests and influencers. He shared his feeling about the importance of family and friends and mentors.

Grandma’s achievements and wisdom

We discussed my grandmothers top greatest achievements in life. She talked about the person who influenced her the most in life which is her mother. Finally, she gave a piece of advice to hold onto forever.

Mom’s Love
October 5, 2018 App Interview

The mom's is really important to Xingcen. He respect to his mom's love and how he express his love to his mom without words.

A Grandmother's Wisdom and Reflections

Miriam (Mimi) Dunham is a wife, mother of 5, sister and grandmother. She reflects on her parents and childhood, proudest moments and some of her regrets. (Apologies for some spotty audio issues!)

What it was like at Hillary Clinton’s “victory party” on 11/8/2016

Ella and her mentor/manager Nadia reflect on their experience at Hillary Clinton's "victory party" at the Javits Center on election night 2016, and on what Clinton's loss meant to them as women and coworkers.

Arturo Morales and Gregory LaVann

Friends Arturo "Art" Morales (42) and Gregory "Greg" LaVann (37) talk about their fathers' lives and reflect on the influence their fathers have had on them.

Dylan Bachman and his mother Linda Saunders talk about her life

We talked about my mother’s life growing up, her past jobs, and our family history.

Cybele Nielsen

This is an interview with Cybele Nielsen. She was asked about when and where she was born, the person who has been kindest to her in her life, her happiest memories in her life, her favorite memory of me (her...

My grandma and her amazing story

My grandma was born in Kilgore Texas during the depression and has been settled in a West Texas town for 50 years maintaining our family ranch and our entire extended family, she is an amazing woman and I couldn't wish...