Mom interview

An 18 year old college student asks his mom simple questions that he never knew about.

From a Child in RI to a Cop in CA

As a child in Rhode Island, Deborah Rhames never thought she would somehow, someway become a policewoman in Los Angeles. In this interview on November 29th 2017 she talks to Freedom Rhames about her journey to Los Angeles, and the...

Marc Staelen

We talked about Mr. Staelen’s childhood.

Steve K Desroches and Steve R Desroches

Steve K Desroches (47) talks to his father Steve R Desroches (74) about concerts and music of their respective younger days with the elder Desroches reminiscing about seeing such legends as Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane.

Recollections of Salve Regina: A conversation with Kathleen Walgreen and Sister Therese Antone

Interview with Kathleen Walgreen, Salve Regina parent and member of the Board of Trustees, and Sister Therese Antone, Chancellor and former President of the University. Among the topics discussed include the meaning of mercy on the campus, Salve Regina traditions,...

Linda Baxter art, music, family and life growing up in Rhode island

An interview with a true Saggitarian, Linda who was born and raised in Rhode Island in a multitalented musical family. With an antique dealer mother and a father who could fix anything and play most any instrument it is no...

Alexander Osmena’s interview with his older sister.

In this interview, we talked about her early life before I was born, and her school experiences that lead to her early adulthood.

Jane McGiveney interview

In this interview I talked with my Grandmother Jane McGiveney about her life.

Lucille Keegan and Martha Hulsman

Friends Lucille Keegan [no age given] and Martha Hulsman (60) talk about Martha's pottery business, 15 schools, being a caregiver and pet birds. Lucille talks about growing up in Bristol on a dairy farm and her father's interest in training...


In this interview my grandmother and I talked about her life and her experiences.

My Abuela’s Journey to America

My abuela, Aura Restrepo, talks about her story of coming to this country illegally 40 years ago, how she adapted to the country, the struggles, the reasoning for her coming, how it all panned out in the end, and advice...


I interviewed my grandma who I came to visit for thanksgiving. This is my second time this year seeing her and my Grandfather.

Time with my mother in law.

Conversation with my mother in law about family, holidays and thanksgiving memories.

Memories of a teenager in war time and an ancestor of the pilgrims at Thanksgiving

I interviewed my 87 year old grandfather at Thanksgiving, right after the birth of my daughter - his first great grandchild. We discussed his memories of volunteering as a teenager in World War II efforts on the home front, his...