Henry and Isaiah OSS Conservation

We talked about our communities and other influences and how they have shaped our political views over time, as well as how they have changed over time. This was part of the One Small Step program.

Dale McCollum
November 23, 2022 App Interview

Dale McCollum is my neighbor. In this interview we discuss her hometown, early family, and current lifestyle.

Media and Technology: Then and Now

In this interview I talk to 21 year old Yesenia to see how technology and media has advanced over the years and where she sees it going in the future.

Interview with my dad

I had a talk with my dad about his life as a pilot and what it will take for me to do the same

Patti Faini and Tina Pittman

One Small Step partners Patti Faini (63) and Tina Pittman (54) discuss their catholic upbringings, the future of younger generations, personal struggles, and local issues in Richmond.

Lisa Robert and Laura Bennett

One Small Step conversation partners Lisa Robert (50) and Laura Bennett (39) consider how their upbringings shaped their political views, and reflect on some of the challenges they’ve faced.

Sandy Wheeler and Donald Cowles

One Small Step partners Sandy Wheeler (40) and Donald Cowles (75) examine their shared experience as military kids, explore the similarities and differences in their political values, reflect on the challenge of engaging across political differences, and connect over their...

Scott Sinclair and Jason Aldrich

One Small Step conversation partners Scott Sinclair (55) and Jason Aldrich (38) discuss formative moments in their political perspectives, anarchist political theory, conservative ideology, shared values, and how it feels to connect across difference.

Joe shares his childhood struggle of trying to use scissors as a left-handed individual.

Joe Swanson, also know as "Trophy Joe", is an artist and skateboarder extraordinaire. We discusses childhood memories and what it was like to grow up as an introverted lefty in Richmond.

Darlene on her life of adventure: "I saw everything for him."

Alison and Darlene talk about her childhood, marriage, family, and her retirement years after her husband's sudden passing. Darlene has traveled to 70 countries and all seven continents, many while giving back through charity work.

Nicole Unice and Brenda Brown-Grooms

One Small Step conversation partners Nicole Unice (44) and Brenda Brown-Grooms (66) discuss their paths to God and becoming pastors. They speak about issues of inequality and racism in America and how we are at a pivotal moment of opportunity...

Marijuana Legalization

Sabrina Sanchez views and opinions on the legalization of marijuana.

Stephen Fox and Leonard Hayes

One Small Step conversation partners Stephen Fox (72) and Leonard Hayes (61) discuss the power of divisive media, the importance of transparent government, and the challenges that Native Americans continue to face.

The Creation of the Internet and What Life Was Like Before It!

I (23 years old) interview my mom (58 years old) about what life was like before the Internet! I’m a student at VCU majoring in journalism and this interview is for my Mass Communications class. I hope you enjoy!

Kathryn Roberts and Carolyn Schwarzkopf – Daughter and Mom

Kathryn Roberts: 2020-08-17 15:57:33 - I talked to my mom (85) about her life during COVID, her childhood in Virginia and Maryland, and anything about life now. I learned a lot!

Jan (Janma) Carlton Ahnell

Jan Carlton (83) speaks to her step-granddaughter Alyssa Ahnell (17) about having big dreams, love, traveling, cooking, and all the people that she has met along the way. EDIT: Jan wanted to add how her final husband, Warren, went on...

Inaugural New Year’s Day Chat

We gave a little background on us and talked about events in the past year (2018) and thoughts about the year to come.


Gavin Hoyt, a junior at Maggie L Walker Governors School talks with Kaspars Golos, a senior at Maggie L Walker Governors School. Topics ranging from the police to environmental issues were covered. A strong focus was placed on underlying core...

Technology preserving our memories

Andres and I discussed his childhood and the ways he likes to reflect on cherished memories.

Jishnu Purihella- Mass Comm Story Corp Project

Talking to Jessica Mays about her involvement in her activities and her life.