Good Old Days

Civilization was different back in the day, technology wasn’t in the picture, and life was a lot more difficult.

Interview with Papa Tim

I asked my Papa Tim questions regarding his life and his migration patterns

English class

This was an interview to my sister and I asked her different questions that she could answer because she’s only 11 years old

A walk in my grandpas shoes

My grandpa Arthur talked about his life including his wife, time in the military, stories, and family. He explained how life and school was so much different then it is now.

Hsiu Yu and Brady Morgan interview

Hsiu and Brady talk about memories and goals for future generations

Interview with Aidan.
November 27, 2018 App Interview

In this interview I will be getting Aidan’s(my brother) opinion on things, and how he felt.

Interview with an Immigrant Child

From the context of the interview I had with Leslie, a child of undocumented immigrants, I have become more aware of the challenges faced by such children. A recurring theme I noticed from the answers to my questions regarding their...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Spoke about what my mother’s happiest moment were. We spoke about what she liked about this country.

Interview with grandma

This interview is about my grandmother and her memories of growing up

From Mexico to The USA, Lessons My Grandma Learned Along the Way

My grandma talks about the lessons she values most, memories that make her who she is today, and funny stories about our family and it’s past.


Deep questions lead to deep thoughts. A perspective on life from Kenneth Aguilar

Interview about my grandmother’s life
November 28, 2018 App Interview

On November 26th, 2018 I interviewed my grandmother, Kathy Davis, who talks about her childhood and experiences living in the United States. She also talks about her father who was a four star general in the Air Force.

Lisa’s Love Story

We discussed how my Aunt Lisa met my Uncle Martin.

My Beautiful Sister

This interview captures how amazingly kind and caring my sister Alexis truly is.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Grandpa Barclay

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oklahoma (Aimee) and San Antonio (Grandpa) Aimee Barclay interviews her Grandpa Robert E. Barclay. Grandpa Barclay shares stories about his life as a kid and his time in the military. He talks...