Gwen Ellen Grose Shaw birth-8 years old

Gwen was born 12/31/1936, during WWII, in San Antonio, TX. Gwen is 83 years old and has Alzheimer’s. This is a recollection of her childhood.

Work Theme Interview

Sophia talks about her current job and how she got into the retail job career path

Good Old Days

Civilization was different back in the day, technology wasn’t in the picture, and life was a lot more difficult.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Rishikesh Venkat interviewing Venkat

The interview revealed various details about both my parents' as well as their families' lives. The interview allowed me to learn how my great grandmother was an important woman in Indian History, and how my dad was almost a victim...

A walk in my grandpas shoes

My grandpa Arthur talked about his life including his wife, time in the military, stories, and family. He explained how life and school was so much different then it is now.

Mary Miller and Lee Carlson talk about living in Washington, North Carolina, and Texas.

In this interview, conducted in San Antonio, Texas, Mary Miller (16) interviews her grandmother Lee Carlson (74) about her childhood and moving around a lot throughout her life. They discuss family relationships, genealogy, and hobbies, and Ms. Carlson shares stories...

Hsiu Yu and Brady Morgan interview

Hsiu and Brady talk about memories and goals for future generations

Apple Pies

A story about my grandmother and her childhood.

Interview 2020

Grandfather tell's story from an old job.

My Beautiful Sister

This interview captures how amazingly kind and caring my sister Alexis truly is.

Questions for my uncle

We talk about questions that influence in my uncles life.we also talk about what are we thankful for.

Good old days interview

This interview is about someone who lived back in the “good old days” and how they lived with what they had.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mother about her family and her life. This includes her favorite holidays and life lessons she’s learned.

Military Life

I spoke with my father Samuel about his early military life.

Michael Scott Hinojosa

This was a interview about the life of Michael Scott Hinojosa.

“I would say being a mother is probably my biggest accomplishment”

In this interview, recorded on December 2019 in Omaha, Nebraska, Haley Reinhard (16) interviews her sister Kristina Reinhard (30) about her journey through the Military and new motherhood. She shares stories about basic training, tech school, and how she didn’t...

Interview with grandma

This interview is about my grandmother and her memories of growing up