The History of Us

In this interview with my mother, she explains how different her experience growing up in the slums of down town San Antonio and how she worked hard throughout high school, college and work to make sure that her kids have...

Thanksgiving listen

Asking my uncle about times in his life that were the funniest, saddest and, coolest.

Interview with Aidan.
November 27, 2018 App Interview

In this interview I will be getting Aidan’s(my brother) opinion on things, and how he felt.

Interview with Professor Shaw.

This interview was conducted for a philosophy class discussing the idea of self and freedom.

Lisa’s Love Story

We discussed how my Aunt Lisa met my Uncle Martin.

Interview about my grandmother’s life
November 28, 2018 App Interview

On November 26th, 2018 I interviewed my grandmother, Kathy Davis, who talks about her childhood and experiences living in the United States. She also talks about her father who was a four star general in the Air Force.

Ethnic Studies Interview
November 21, 2018 App Interview

Me and my grandma talked about her life.

Now and Then

My Grandfather and I share our thoughts on how change and continuities play from the past into the future.

A talk with my Oma and Opa

My Oma and Opa are my great aunt and uncle and helped raised me. This is me asking about their life and history with bits of family humor sprinkled in.

Tracy Xie talks about growing up in China and moving to the United States

In this interview recorded on January 2, 2020 in San Antonio, Texas, Venice Xie (15) asks her mom, Tracy Xie (47) about growing up in China and moving to the United States. Mrs. Tracy explains how her childhood was difficult...

Aubrie interviews Miss T.

We talked about work, religious experience, and happiest moments

Learning from my dads life and love

We talked about life, legacies and love. We talked about the meaning of it all and the lessons we have to learn.

Firefighter reflects on his second chance in life after serving in the Navy

In his 25 years of life, Hector has gone through a lot. Especially from the time he was old enough to enlist. His life was almost taken away from him - he would argue it was completely torn apart -...