A Journey Through the Life of the Schmitz Family

Getting to know my grandparents and their history. I learned my family was very involved in the military and they made many contributions to our country.

An Interview With My Mom

In this interview, I asked my mom about her childhood and what it was like growing up. I also asked her about life during the Covid-19 pandemic and advice she would like to give me about life.

Leonard Gillard and Cayce Kaufman

Leonard shares with Cayce his story about his father was in the military and they lived all over only to move back to his home state of Texas and how he reluctantly became a weather man to working in healthcare.

Cyndi Farley and Daniel Farley

Spouses, Cyndi Farley (60) and Daniel "Dan" Farley (67), share their love story, reminisce about the many adventures they have had together, and remember JJ, who was Cyndi's first husband and Daniel's close friend.

Bill Murray

This video is just me (Jack) asking a few questions with my grandfather (Bill). I learn about his job, childhood, and honeymoon.

Dad Opens Up About His Life and the Creative Process

Mark Rodriguez (48) talks to his daughter, Aurora Rodriguez (17), about his love for music and what his life was like when he was growing up. He also discusses his views on the creative process.

My mom and i

My mom and I in the car just having a casual conversation abt her life

Overcoming Obstacles

Marisa and Mark Sonny talk about his experience in the Air Force and how he endured and rehabilitated from a paralyzing injury. They also reflect on life lessons, living during a pandemic and future plans.

Story Corps Interview with Dr. James Vaughan on his experiences with Race & Identity

This Interview is an assignment for the AAS4013 : Race & Identity through Pop Culture class taught by Professor Martina McGhee at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I conducted this interview with James Vaughan, Ph.D. to learn more...

Duane Pozza pt 6

Stroll down memory lane with pictures


I interview my mother about how she’s grown with her experiences from motherhood.

Changing the Narrative of SNAP

A discussion with a current SNAP recipient on the impact of food assistance.

Shuko Lee’s Interview

I interview my grandma about our family, history, and ideals!

Navy Man Max Lyons

Max Lyons is in training to be a Navy Corpsman, and spoke to me about what he has done to reach this point and what he hopes to accomplish.

history on father

I'm here to interview my dad on his pass memories. It was a very fun experience.

About a relative

My cousin Marie Weaver Was born in June 6, 1955. Growing up she became a English teacher and then she started doing genology.