“Life is about going forward into the future, not looking back into the past.”

Beyanka Vong, born in Vietnam, talks about the struggles she had faced throughout her childhood and her many different experiences. She constantly traveled around at a young age due to her parents' divorce and eventually led to her journey with...

Ned Baldwin

We talked about Ned’s life as a kid without his dad. We also talked about hi grandfather.

Cliff Avril Interview

A quick 10 minute interview with former NFL pro bowler, Cliff Avril.

Interviewing my Gramdpa

We talked about my grandpas childhood. Also we talked about some sorts that he did.

Barbara Johnson and her grandson Jeremy McCollum in Seattle, WA

Barbara Johnson remembers life, faith, and family in Seattle from the 1930s until today with her grandson Jeremy McCollum.

Hugo’s Job

Thia interview is about The work of Hugo who is a chef and loves bis work

Growing Up & School

I talked with my roommate who is Korean about growing up & school. Then I could know a lot of Korean cultures and people.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview we talked about about childhood memories, and memories of me and dad and my brother!

Shaul Stone and Ira Stone

Shaul Stone: 2020-06-21 17:35:49 Shaul speaks to his Father Ira, a lifelong Conservative rabbi about his memories and thoughts on life.

Global Studies Project(Amare 5)

(Yoshie Fields)Does America accept you as a human, as a person? My interviewee came from Japan and moved to America. Yoshie Fields decided to go to America because she wanted something new, something different. She left for education and experience,...

Dads story and bonding

Me, and my father Paul, talked about various topics such as our past memories and adventures, as well as both of our difficulties and successes in life.

Life In The Shadows- Patrick Lovell

Patrick Lovell, an American who has lived in Japan for over 40 years, discusses his experience as a gay man coming of age in the 1960s and his journey with his partner Akira since then. For Patrick, family, honesty, and...

Defining Happiness and Family

In this interview we talked about family, marriage, and happiness. We discussed why family is important and what our hopes are for one another.

Moving to the United States – Lisette’s POV
December 1, 2015 App Interview

In this recording, I have interviewed my mother on the reasons why she decided to move to the United States and struggles that came with moving to a new country. My mother, my father and I are undocumented. In this,...

Larry Flores and Ginger Leopoldo

Ginger Leopoldo [no age given] interviews her friend and Goodwill Ambassador for the Filipino American Historical Society, Larry Flores [no age given], about Filipino History in the US.