Melody Fawcett, Nathan Blunt, Hilary Rajchel

Melody met her cousins, Nathan and Hilary about ten years ago as a result of genealogy research. They come together today to share what brought them to their searches and the impact it had on them and the family.


This was a very eye opening experience because I feel like I haven’t talked to my dad like that in a while. It was a really good thing to get done because it taught me a lot.

Sarah Gross and Mary Mitchell

Sarah Gross, Development Assistant Foundation of Providence Mount St Vincent, describes her impression of "The Mount" and beginning her career there.

John Lee & Quinn Riddle

Longtime friends, John (41) and Quinn (40), sit to talk about their time in the Peace Corps. How the Peace Corps changed them and the friendships and gifts they received from their time in service.

Alex Swerdloff and Victoria "Vicky" Swerdloff

Victoria "Vicky" Swerdloff (54) shares a conversation with her daughter Alex Swerdloff (22) about life after college, memories of growing up, experiences in Boise, Idaho, perspectives, and their relationship.

Karen Summers & Scott Acord

Karen shares a story about the role her Catholic faith has played in her life and how it has led to her work in mission support at Providence. She also talks about what Christmas means to her and the holiday...

Mia and Dad!!

My father (Stan Noble) talks about life in Seattle and Idaho in the 70’s and 80’s. He describes dumb decisions he made as a toddler, teenager, and adult (lol). *very emotional* CAUTION- be warned of tears. Try not to cry...

Luke Jackson and Laura Jackson

Luke Jackson (31) and his spouse Laura Jackson (33) talk about his family history of early-onset Alzheimer's disease and how this has affected his life, and their relationship.

Thanksgiving Conversation With My Mother
November 22, 2018 App Interview

We talk about my mother's childhood and what she is grateful for. This interview also features my sister Alicia and her dog Sapphire.

Jesse Barnes and Yong Lee

Interview describing what it was like to immigrate to The United States from Korea in 1974, eventually becoming a police officer in Texas in 1988 - one of the first Asian police officers in a three county area.

Allison Briscoe-Smith and Sue Lani Madsen
September 15, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Allison Briscoe-Smith (46) and Sue Lani Madsen (67) talk about how political labels and identity labels don't always get to the nuance of a person, and share stories about how they're teaching the younger generations...

The twins of Engineering genius.

Interview about why Roscoe Boone wanted to pay taxes. And how his twin sons, Dick and Doug, who built a hang glider in middle school, went on to design hang gliders that helped them fly beside eagles and end up...

Cody and Kyle’s Wild Adventure

Fun time between two guys being bros and dudes plus one special suprise guest

On skateboards and life with NickMon

A chat with my friend while waiting for late night dumplings

Stefanie Felix and Mitchell Green

Mother and son Stefanie Felix (69) and Mitchell Green (38) speak about Stefanie's experience attending a multiracial high school in San Francisco, California amidst nationwide school desegregation efforts.

Karen Summers and Liz Wessel

Liz interviews Karen about what brought her to Providence, and Karen's experience as a Providence caregiver for 31 years. They also discuss Covid pandemic, recent DEI work, and the effects on caregivers.

Sandra Sherfey and Joan DeHart

Home Care LPN Sandra was bit by a dog at a home health visit. Her bite got infected and has had a lingering impact emotionally and physically.

Anth Final Interview

The interview I conducted today involved talking to one of my close friends about his family background.