About my host family’s mom.

We talk about so many thing about her personal life, memories, opinions and how she learned cooking so well.

Birds steering the course of life. Photo by Mick Thompson.

How birds have influenced the life and career of Kharli a naturalist from the Puget Sound area.

Global Studies Project(Amare 5)

(Yoshie Fields)Does America accept you as a human, as a person? My interviewee came from Japan and moved to America. Yoshie Fields decided to go to America because she wanted something new, something different. She left for education and experience,...

Interview with dad

Talked about how life, and how it changed him into the person he is today.

Grandma’s Hawaii: Cowboy Serials and $.10 Cent One Ton Minh

An interview with my grandma, Anne Lee Lewis. She grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii in the early 1900s. She was one of five sibling born to a Korean father who was a contract laborer on the early sugar plantations and...

“Life is about going forward into the future, not looking back into the past.”

Beyanka Vong, born in Vietnam, talks about the struggles she had faced throughout her childhood and her many different experiences. She constantly traveled around at a young age due to her parents’ divorce and eventually led to her journey with...

Samir&Jasmina dad& mom

In the interview, we were talking about How I went to school and how I met my husband through a friend.

Growing up & school

We talk about growing up and school . We talk about when we was child and some story when we was child. We talk about school.

On skateboards and life with NickMon

A chat with my friend while waiting for late night dumplings

Conversation with my “mom”

I interviewed my aunt who I also see as my second mom. This allowed me to learn more about her life and past.

From Brazil to the US is a part of Susan Belian Shdo Crane’s life story. My Aunt Susan is 89 years old.

My wife Ann and I went to visit Aunt Susan the day after Thanksgiving in 2017. Susan spoke about being an “immigrant family” in Brazil, and her subsequent move to the US.

Hugo’s Job

Thia interview is about The work of Hugo who is a chef and loves bis work

Klatzker Questions

We talked about growing up and learning values and finding joy even when things can be challenging.

Growing Up & School

I talked with my roommate who is Korean about growing up & school. Then I could know a lot of Korean cultures and people.

Ned Baldwin

We talked about Ned’s life as a kid without his dad. We also talked about hi grandfather.