The Giegers

Interview about their younger lives and long past.

Senior interview

This is an interview with my grandma, dev brown.

Janet Curlott and the family.

I talk to my grandma about her childhood and her previous marriage.

Childhood memories and Advice to the youth

We talked about his childhood memories and most important people in his life. He also greatful and thankful that he has to wake up everyday and thank god that he is still breathing. He also gave advice to young people...

Gracie Gratuity

Getting to know Grace Howard and Her background as she looks back on her life and what she has discovered since being a teenager.

Senior to Senior Project Interview, Mead High School

We discussed the issues affecting the United States today, Pros and come of being an American , and elections from the 80s to 2016

Elizabeth Thomson and Thomas Heberlein talk about Neopit USFS recreational residence cabin on Priest Lake, Idaho

Thomas Heberlein interviewed his wife Elizabeth Thomson about her family’s summer cabin on Forest Service land at Priest Lake. They were awarded one of the last permits at Priest Lake in the late 1950s . Betty talked about the summer...

My Mom: Jenny Rose

Jenny Rose speaks about her childhood, her life, and her family.

Interview with Grandpa, pt 3

We discussed his life and the lessons he learned throughout it.

Me and Grams

A talk with my grandma about past present and future.

Senior to Senior project

I interview a fellow cast member in Young Frankenstein about his life and highs and lows and general questions. Apologies for the background noise, people were arriving for our show we have tonight!

Peter Bankson Reflects on His Vietnam Experience in Duc Pho 1966-67

Peter Bankson describes how he ended up going to Vietnam, his early experiences there and his involvements with the people of Duc Pho. He recalls a frightening mortar attack and the dawning realization that violence is no solution to humanity’s...