My mom’s immigration story from Russia to the US

I interviewed my mom (Karina Glosman) about her immigration story, coming from Russia to the United States. We discussed her earliest memories in America, assimilation, financial challenges, her role models, and proudest moments in her life.

Josefina Rodríguez Careres: En búsqueda de una mejor vida

Mi nombre es Idelsy Acosta Rodríguez. Tuve el privilegio entrevistar a mi madre, la señora Josefina Rodríguez Caceres, donde habla un poco de su vida y su proceso de inmigración a los Estados Unidos.

LHP w/ Mom

Honestly, this was mostly to understand my mom and her trip to the US since it wasn't something official. Yet once she had moved here she finally got to live here and live her life. even with the struggles of...

Fritzner Bien-Aime and his Immigration Experience

I am Anabelle Bien-Aime, and I interviewed my father, Fritzner Bien-Aime. He is from Haiti and in this interview he talked to me about his experiences as an immigrant coming to America.

7th Grade / Geiger / 6th Period

We talked about my dad’s immigration process and feelings when he moved from Saigon, Vietnam to Texas. He talked about what an eye-opening experience it was, and how many different things he learned when he came here.

Interview Project

My mom had a rough upbringing and it seems to have impacted her life very much, specially as a mother. She’s done a great job raising my siblings and I despite of all the struggles we’ve faced.