Dani and Noa’s Experience During the Coronavirus

This is a summary between Noa Fisher(sixteen years old) and Dani Fisher(eighteen years old). Dani and Noa Fisher are sisters and live on Long Island in New York. This interview is about the coronavirus and their experience during this pandemic.

A quick chat with Momma

In this interview I picked my moms brain and found out how she really feels about her marriage, our family, and life itself.

Collin Maurice and Vicki Maurice
December 8, 2022 App Interview

: 2022-12-08 00:44:22 Collin Maurice (21) interviews his Aunt, Vicki Maurice (~60) about her life growing up in the Philippines and how it was different from her adult life in America.

Hunter Bonner/ Qing Liang

Interview was based on the differences in education between the United States and China.

How Social Norms Shape our Perspective on Life
February 12, 2024 App Interview

Duhan Barut is 24 years of age and a great friend of mine. Together, we explored the different social norms in the U.S. and Turkiye and how they affect our everyday lives.

Interview Assignment

I was interviewing my fiancé to get to know more things about her

Brothers in a distant land (Part 2)

Two men share a love that grew thousands of miles from where they were born as brothers. There’s was grown out of a sense of responsibility, purpose and perseverance.

Thanksgiving Listen Project

My Grandpa and I speak of his life, family, and our ancestors. He explains the occupations himself and family have had and how that’s affected his own life. We discuss the goals of our family and our legacy.

Global Arizona with Lyes Garidi

Lyes, a French-American, gives his opinion on current events in the United States today as well as contrasting them with his history in France

Oma and Bruno’s interview

I interviewed my oma who was an immigrant from Yugoslavia. We talked about her struggles coming over to the new country and how she grew up.

Alexander Keene & Kim Lane

Alexander Keene, a middle school teacher, interviews Kim Lane, a Registered Nurse, about her experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Civil Conversation Project 2
March 21, 2023 App Interview

Interview a friend who has similiar views but and talk about the issues in the world civilly.

The Story of Hilmar de Moraes Part 1

Hear the story of Hilmar de Moraes, from childhood stories to achieving his job. Listen to his viewpoints and his wisdom. Pay close attention to his knowledge on the society and how to self-educate. Escute a história de Hilmar de...

My mom & me

I asked some questions about my mom's life to know more about her past, and so on have a even more close relationship with her

Interview with Grandmother 12/20/23

I interviewed my grandma about her past and what it is like as a citizen born from Guadalajara moving to the U.S. We talked about how it was for her with her family and life growing up. We also talked...

From England to the United States

This is an interview about a former citizen of England who immigrated to the United States and started a new life.

great recession interview

this is 15 questions that are answered about the recession of 2007-2013

Rural Roots, Small Farms & Local Food with Colette DePhelps

Rural Roots, Inc. has had a wide and diverse impact on small farms and local food systems on the Palouse and in the Inland Northwest. Community-based and farmer-grown, this nonprofit organization has played a significant role in changing the local...