Interview with gramps

It was very fun to hear about his past, and how you looks at himself now. Even though it seemed he didn't remember to much. I liked hearing about what he builds

A life well lived

Ranya story of her family coming to America.

Aug 18 2020 1:26 pm Louis Voros & Beth Moeller for the Senior Citizens Day Griswold Home Care Fairfield County Resilience Project

Beth Moeller (57) of Griswold Home Care Fairfield County and Louis Voros (77) of Fairfield, CT sit down via StoryCorps connect to discuss wisdom gleaned from a life of hard work and perseverance. Hear Lou share how a quest for...

Backpacks & Baguettes

A father and son talk about the children’s travel book they wrote together, Backpacks & Baguettes, and the reminder it provided of what it was like to live in the world before the pandemic hit - the sights, the smells...

The adventures of Bill and Barry : two old Queens in Ft. Lauderdale and their life in showbiz on land and sea

Bill Yule, a Canadian, and Barry Ball, an Australian, recount their 56 years together, how they met on stage in Australia, traveled the world together as a cruise ship singing act in the 1970s and ended up living together in...

Plenty Of Fish Login Problems ? Dial 18552763666

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Plentyoffish Login Problems ? Dial 18552763666

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“Your grandfather is…” “A cheating liar!?”

A raw 45 minute interview of a father and daughter talking. The daughter had prepared questions which lead to what kinds of jobs the father had, how it was like with a preacher as a dad, how it was like...

Interviewing My Mom

I talk to my mom about what her life was like moving around a lot and how she feels about her life now.

A great Interview

I asked a couple of question to my friend Daniel, how his life is going ?

Eva and Alexa Marci

We talked about what we want to do in the future and funny stories from our past.

Practice Interview

Greatest influences in your life. Most difficult moment faced in your life

POF Hide Profile ? Dial 18552763666

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Guide to wear jeans with unique stylish jackets
December 21, 2020 App Interview

The leather jacket is an all-around leading fashion that will never go out of the context in style. You can wear it with any outfit. Currently, I want to discuss how many to wear your jeans with preferred outerwear. The...

Plentyoffish Delete Account ? Dial 18552763666

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Interview with my mom Cheryl pt 2

They talk about family heritage, with some fun stories in there, Cheryl’s childhood, school, Cheryl’s favorite memories of Elinor, and a lot of good stories.

An Interview with Kristy Jessica— a full time Model & Film-maker Living/Traveling in a Van

Kristy Jessica is a full time traveling model and film-maker who has embraced van living. She talks about how she got into it, what she loves and hate about it.