Ken Luse

My grandpa (Poppy or Ken) I think really enjoyed talking about his time in the military. He also seemed confident about meeeting my grandma (Nanni or Patti).

My grandfathers journey through the army

Avery Mendola interviews her grandfather when he talks about his past experience in the Army. Her grandfather joined the military when he was 18 and was in the Army for 28 years. He was deployed to the Vietnam War and...

My grandaddy

We talked about his life and how he got through the pain of Vietnam

Ernest Mathewson talks about his experience being drafted in the Vietnam era and why that might not have been a bad thing to happen to him

James Connolly interviews his grandfather, Ernest Mathewson. Ernest describes his experiences with luck and fate. Ernest started as a somewhat troubled middle school student. During high school he was sent to a military school where his grades drastically improved and...

“I went over as a Hawk and came back a Dove”

Bill Shaffer, a Vietnam veteran, is interviewed by her granddaughter, Lydia Crane about his time serving in the Vietnam War. In this interview, they discuss fears he experienced, his personal view on the war, and a couple wild first-hand stories....

StoryCorps Interview With Dad

My dad talked about his life in America the present and reflected his journey from Vietnam.

Thomas Williams & Mysia Cole

Thomas Williams (72) speaks to niece, Mysia Cole [no age given], about his upbringing in Arkansas, time in the military, and the importance of family,

Story about me

We talked about our past and future. Please enjoy our conversation.

Tue Nguyen & Joseph Dao

Tue and Joseph, both Vietnamese and raised Catholic in the U.S. talk about the role of Catholicism in their life. Buddhism is very prevalent in the Vietnamese culture also plays a role in their spiritual lives.

Culture Shock

Spent the evening talking with my roommate about her move from Vietnam to Plymouth, NH. What we thought our lives would look like at 20 years old vs what the actually look like. How is the US different from Vietnam?...

Interview with Grandpa

#TheGreatListen2018 An interview with my grandpa who has immigrated from Vietnam in 1991. *IN VIETNAMESE*

Anna Bui and Bryan Salsieder

Anna Bui (31) talks with her spouse, Bryan Salsieder (30) about being a Vietnamese American Woman, family traditions, travel, and being proud of who she is becoming.

Immigrating To America

My mom, Quynh, talks about her immigration story to America.