Two Teenyboppers Talking!

Throughout this conversation my mom and I discuss the differences between our fan girl days, in addition to how social media has affected the way pop stars communicate with us.

Evan Carper interviews his grandpa Ike Carper.

Ike Carper talks about his life growing up in the 1940's, important lessons he's learned, and the biggest change he's seen in his life.

My Dad

We talked about who my father is and the things and people in his life that are significant to him.

Immigrant Project

Interview of an immigrant from Lebanon about his life while he lived there.

How social media changed

I interviewed my neighbor on how social media changed from the early 2000s to now

Mother’s enlistment

Interviewing my mother on her time in the military and opinions on national defense

The great thanksgiving interview

In this interview with my dad we talked about mostly his childhood. Also on how his childhood effected his life now and how it made him the person he is today.


We discussed her early life, raising children, and political views.

Angeline "Dolly" (Crocetto) Gagain

My 85-year-old grandmother Angeline "Dolly" (Crocetto) Gagain met her husband (my grandfather) Raymond John Gagain in Waterbury, Connecticut when they were 14 years old. They spent their entire lives together until my grandfather died in 1990. His death was a...

Betty Hansel discusses her life and how she has journeyed to find meaning.

Grandmother Betty Hansel discusses her life growing up on a farm in rural Virginia before tragically losing her parents and beginning life on her own. She discusses the evolution of her faith in God and the role that Christianity has...

Part 1 of the interview with my Father

Today I interview my Dad, Ryan Rancher, about what we believe is the most important personality trait a person can have in today’s society

The Great Thanksgiving Listen!

This is an interview I️ had with my mom that is a timeline of her life from her childhood, life as a mom, wife, and her experiences as a Christian African- American woman.

Food Bank Experiences

We discuss Carlyn’s experiences working/volunteering at an amusement park and Chesterfield Food Bank. She talks about what she’s learned from both places

Convergence of media; then and now

In this interview Matthew Bowman, (age 19) is interviewing his father Jerry Bowman, (age 58) on his birthday. They discuss topics such as the changes in media, Music evolution, and Jerry's views on the future of technology and communications. Through...