My Grandpa’s Amazing Life

In this interview, I talked to my grandpa about his life, jobs, family, and childhood. He shared with me some of his many amazing experiences like the time he traveled all the way to Africa to help people, the time...

River Song and Rosemarie Staggs

One Small Step partners River Song (56) and Rosemarie "Rose" Staggs (58) have a conversation about their negative experiences and issues with the US medical systems, wanting a limit on campaigning, and their fears about society today.

Inheriting colleagues is common in every workplace and… we got super lucky that we inherited each other

Library Director, Jessica Hudson, and Branch Manager of the Tyson’s-Pimmit Regional Library, Christine Jones, talk about how their work relationship transformed into friendship. This conversation was a part of the “All Together Now: Share Your Stories” program for the Fairfax...

Music Evolution Through the Ears of a ‘Generation X’ Adult

Listen to a mother-daughter team discuss the evolution of music from the last 60s to today’s trending (or not so trending) tunes.

A Kindness from 36 years ago and never forgotten

From Fairfax County government organizations, Barack Obama, to a random Metropolitan Police Department officer, Lorraine has been shown compassion by so many people and she continues to pay it forward through her community activism. This conversation was a part of...

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about what she remember when she was younger. Also about her family and where she worked her whole life.

Evelyn Barnett and her Papa Richard Harless talk about his childhood, interview in Oxford Mississippi. Pt 1

I ask my Papa about his childhood. The Interview took place in Oxford Mississippi over the phone. The Interview took place on Saturday the 24th and 8:00 am. I interviewed my Papa (Richard Harless) who has been in the Military...

English Culminating Activity

This is an interview with myself about two questions that I believed I could speak about meaningfully.


We discussed Thomas’s childhood and how he grew up. We also discussed his hopes and dreams and what he wants to do with his life.

Interview with Emma Goodwyn 2021 by Mariah Goodwyn: The story of Emma Goodwyn’s life

I’m this interview we talk about how how my Grandma was a sharecropper growing up and about the struggles and good times she has gone through in her lifetime.

The Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my cousin Joesph Holloway who is in college studying to be a teacher.

Ben Allen and Sara Andrew

[Recorded: Friday, July 29, 2022] Ben (35) and Sara (66) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ben's family has lived in Charlottesville for generations, and he shares what it was like growing up here and facing the...

Tanyia Moore and Tyler Kraft

[Recorded: Friday, April 28, 2023] Tanyia (57) and Tyler (34) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Tanyia is an Assistant Manager for Zone Operations for Facilities Management Housing Custodial at the University of Virginia and Tyler is...

Patsy and Mary Grace reflect on Patsy’s life, from the sports she played in high school to what she wishes she would have done.

Patsy, or Grammy Pat as Mary Grace calls her, is Mary Grace's grandmother. She's lived with Mary Grace's family for the past 18 years, helping around the house and to raise the children. In the interview, Patsy talks about her...

Jody Esselstyn and Michael Barnard

[Recorded Friday, December 10, 2021] Jody Esselstyn (50) and Michael Barnard (64) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Jody is a school nurse and mother of three living in suburban Charlottesville, and Michael is retired from a...

Marnina Diamond and Carolyn Ohle

Longtime friends and Innisfree Village residents Marnie Diamond (67) and Carolyn Ohley (71) recall memories of their time together, discuss Marnie's work and volunteer experiences, and reflect on the friends and family that they've loved and lost.