In 1960 Mom visited West Palm Beach for the first time

Mom talks about the first time she saw her family’s new vacation home in West Palm Beach in 1960. The airport was tiny and the bugs were enormous.


We are both the oldest siblings in our family. Elise is the Aunt of Ellie.

Love Letters of 1953

In early 1953, during the Korean War, Chuck Trezza began writing letters to Arline Gaeta. This love letter affair turned into 62 years of marriage.

Gaynelle gosselin

How she met her husband on Clematis Street and Dixie

Throwing ninja stars with my grandpa
January 28, 2018 App Interview

When a young boy gets picked up at school by his granddad, he gets a wonderful, fun surprise.

Loud Mouth
January 28, 2018 App Interview

A young woman and poet shares her perspective on why it’s important for women to have a voice.