adoption “you love them the same”

the story of Kay Berken and adopting her children the struggle the emotions and feelings and the process of adopting .

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Wylie, Texas, Hannah Perry interviews her grandma Vicky Crawford about her childhood and life growing up. Her grandmother tells about stories of her family and how things were as a child as...

Summers at Clam Lake, WI

Laurie Richings interviews her mother, Nancy, about her summers at her family cabin in Wisconsin.

Grandparents talk about life experiences

We learn about times in my grandparents and that having 5 sisters is not that bad. Freedom is rightly associated with motorcycles. And that when you leave anywhere make sure to bring your car or the chickens will get it....

Talking to my Dad

How to live you life to the fullest and not do dumb things

A time in history

We talked about how she grew up and how she was as a kid

The History of my Family

We talked about my dads life and stories about his life and some of the stories about me and my family

Interview with Mom

This interview was about some of the problems my Mom has faced and how she was able to overcome it all.


This interview was about the persons life and what they’ve learned and what they have achieved from it. It was about her childhood and past life.

Daniela Barragan talks to her dad Manuel Barragan about growing up and 9/11 in Whitewater, Wisconsin

In the recording interview, Daniela Barragan (15) talks to Manuel Barragan (44) about his childhood in Mexico. They also discussed about what he did when 9/11 happened and how it impacted him.

An Interview the Nana (Marie Menzel & Alyssa Hadding)

We talked about her childhood, & how/what she’s did when she grew up. What her parents were like & what she did with them on the weekends. Also, what some of her favorite memories were (funny & old!)

Emma interviews her dad

Emma interviews her dad as a way to get to know him better

Mikala and Olivia

An interview about friendship where we talked about our past and shared memories from our childhood. We also talked about who we are now and what we are grateful for.

The New Immigrant

My father and I discussed about his process of immigration and how life was in America.

Mary Williams- age 82

My grandma talks about her experiences traveling the world and the big picture. About the nature of people.

Interview of my mom

Interviewed my mom and we talked about things from her past