Mom growing up

This is a conversation with my mom about growing up in Racine Wisconsin in the 1930’s & 1940’s

Larry Kundert and Pamela Kundert

Larry Kundert (72) reminiscences with his wife Pamela Kundert (69) about softball and the effort it took to finally pitch some games. He also talked about volleyball and volunteer work.

La historia de mi madre

The story of how my mother came into America and how she came here today

Martha Sparrow and Hamid Safi

Hamid Safi (26) and his sponsor, Martha Sparrow [no age given], share a conversation about Hamid's emigration from Afghanistan to the United States, his upbringing in Kunar, Afghanistan, and his hopes both for his future and for the future of...

Jennifer and Jason

We just talked about are relationship and how much are lives have changed especially since we found each other and had children

Interview with Nonny Rita

I asked my grandma about her childhood as a Jewish person in the United States. And asked her follow up questions to how that’s shaped her as a person.

Korean War Interview

My great grandfather and I talking about his experience in the Korean War

Interviewing My Dad

I had the opportunity to interview my father who has influenced my life greatly.

Daniela Barragan talks to her dad Manuel Barragan about growing up and 9/11 in Whitewater, Wisconsin

In the recording interview, Daniela Barragan (15) talks to Manuel Barragan (44) about his childhood in Mexico. They also discussed about what he did when 9/11 happened and how it impacted him.

Immigration to America

Josephine's and her parents life in America and how and they came here.

Dad’s History

Family history and what life was like for my dad growing up.

My Uncle

We talked about family and friends, work and religion. We dove into thoughts and personalities.