Trial and Error, a prototype of leadership

We talked about Chrisitan’s life from a young age until the present day. We touched on topics from high school football to Camp Grey, a youth catholic camp, and how Christian’s attitude from young on had helped him became a...

Story Corps interview with my grandma

I interviewed my grandma about her childhood, jobs, trips and more. I got to hear about her experiences and favorite memories in the past.

Ron Bucher early years

This is a story of Ron's experiences from childhood through graduation of high school.

Interviewing my dad, Felix

Asking my dad questions about his life (ex. How parenthood has affected him)

Olivia and Maggi Arguello: Growing Up

I interview my mom on her childhood growing up on a dairy farm in rural Wisconsin.

Mary Williams- age 82

My grandma talks about her experiences traveling the world and the big picture. About the nature of people.

Gramma Duzzy, born 1924

My son, age 8, interviews my gramma, age 93. He was most interested in her husband at Pearl Harbor.

Chat with Charity

I took the time to get to know Charity better. Although we both agree the term “hero” is a bit extreme, she means the world to me.

Grandma Kaminski

my 82 year old grandmother reflects on her past, present, and future

Jenna and Kaden Story Corp

We talked about Kaden’s life and if he has had any regrets. When he starts to regret something, he thinks about going back in time, then changes his mind and realizes that he doesn’t want for fix the past and...

Beverly Klein and Jackie Klein in Holcombe, WI

Jackie Klein (62) talks with her mother, Beverly Klein (82) about her life in Northern Wisconsin.

Paul’s story

Paul is the most fabulous of men who has lived the past 93 years with such an inspiring sense of optism. We wanted to archive this conversation for his family who so fully value his wisdom and experiences and are...

Coming Home

Brian Bruess and Debbie Faase share thoughts on how friendship, family, hope, and change are key elements to coming home.

adoption “you love them the same”

the story of Kay Berken and adopting her children the struggle the emotions and feelings and the process of adopting .

Don Millar and Nash Christian

Nash Christian (age 20) interviews his friend Don Millar (age 89) about Washington Island, WI and how important an education is.

Spring Break Questionnaire

We came down to see my grandpa when he was having some health problems and I wanted to get to know him better.

Charles Bruder and Doug Bruder

Brothers, Charles "Chuck" Bruder (87) and Doug Bruder (76), talk about Chuck's decision to enlist in the Navy in 1951. Topics include the LST-1168, VetsRoll, and family.

A time in history

We talked about how she grew up and how she was as a kid

Psych assignment.

Overall, we talked about our friendship. We discussed her life moving from Indiana and some funny memories of our lives.