Worst death accident ever in the state of Wisconsin

The fog accident was the worst in Wisconsin history. It was a self defining moment in my grandpas life.

My dad

Many different questions about life and other stuff

Jim Eyster Was on The Move as a Child

My Grandpa Jim Eyster is a very impressive man who grew up in multiple different states due to his fathers job. His mother lived to the age of 102 and made an impact on my Grandpa’s life and many strangers.

9:11 interview

My grandma described her day on 9/11 and what she saw out of the window of her work, which was at a geriatric hospital about 2 miles away from the 9/11 memorial

A Family in Politics

I knew my grandma was a politician but I never knew the “why” and “how”.

Daniel Balzer and David Balzer

Identical twin brothers David "Dave" Balzer (57) and Daniel "Dan" Balzer (57) discuss their family history, being identical twins, and how being a twin has informed their creativity, and the impact of their father’s passing.

Mrs. Erin Lewis’ Childhood Stories

An over-the-phone interview about several of Mrs. Lewis’ childhood stories starring museum mermaids, circus unicorns and everything in-between!

Nicole Kurth and Stacie Christian

Colleagues and friends Nicole Kurth (41) and Stacie Christian (62) discuss their work at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, career lessons they have learned and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work.

Father and Son interview

I ask questions to my father and we talked and he told me about his life.

Interview with mom

My name is Tanner MacDonald (17), I am with my mom Kate Macdonald (50). I talked with her about her childhood.

Women of the Elevator Industry: Julie Furrer and Beverly Dayman

In celebration of International Women's Day, Schindler Elevator Corporation interviewed female employees that paved the way for women in the industry. In this conversation, Julie Furrer and Beverly Dayman discuss how mentorship has played a role throughout their careers.

Mother’s thanksgiving food memories

Peggy’s traditions on holiday foods and how they have changed

The Canoe Journals of Early Twentieth Century And Their Testiment To American Culture

An interview of Martha Greene Phillips, daughter of Howard Greene, about how his canoeing journals leave a history rarely documented. These journals contain well preserved photographs from 1906 to 1916 documenting the natural beauty of deindustrialized land and peaceful native...

Nonnie, in Appleton, WI

Talking to my grandmother (89) about her life in WI and memories of our family.

Scott Benolken and Martha Marnocha

One Small Step partners Scott Benolken (54) and Martha Marnocha (68) share a conversation about their mutual love of the North Shore, the disappearance of the middle class, over-tourism, and finding spirituality in nature.

interview 1

Iysa Iqbal (16) and her dad, Dr. Iqbal Ahamed (53) speak about her dad’s experiences with immigrating to America and onward.