Grandma Sherry

This is an interview between my Grandma Sherry and I.

Colleen Ernst Gardner, interviewed by grandson Colin Michael Gardner
December 1, 2019 App Interview

Colleen grew up in lacrosse Wisconsin, where her biggest influence was her mother, who taught her how to be a good person, as she would like to be remembered. Her mother also taught her cooking recipes which make Thanksgiving her...

The History of my Family

We talked about my dads life and stories about his life and some of the stories about me and my family

Linda A Strom

Linda spoke about her life, growing up in Milwaukee, the influential people who had an impact on her, work, marriage and having children.

Dylan and Jamie’s interview

We talked about pop culture related things like music and movies and how they differ from her era to mine. We also had some fun questions and some laughs

Jonathan Trameri interviews his brother during these troubling times.

Jonathan Trameri: 2020-05-11 03:38:43 I ask my brother how his life has been during quarantine and how he has felt.

Grace Fahrney and Laura Kramer

The participants were Grace (17) and Laura (28) who are both sisters. We talked about how her life is very different as a nurse during the corona virus.

“Living the dream” an interview with Roger Mayer

Roger talked about his life including his family and experiences. He talked about his wife and their goals in life and how proud he is of his family.

"Tell me about that picture of your dad with his car."

I never met my mother's father, as he passed away when she was 12 years old. But this photo has been in my life for a long time and I always liked to think that this was my grandfather, on...

Sophie Walton and Sue Schlough

Sue Schlough talks about growing up in the Depression, working in Nagasaki 10 years after the end of WWII, her faith, sexual assault, and politics.

Interview with father about childhood and growing up

Interview with father about growing up in a small town, school, and parenting

Women’s Rights – Sandra Perry

Sandra Perry talking about her beliefs about Women's Rights. interviewed by her granddaughter Kaelyn Hart.

Aiden’s interview on 9/11

I talked to my mother about what it was like to be alive during the event of the 9/11 terror attack.


Interview with my mom and her expirences throughout early life to her imagration to the US.

Assignment #3

Katherine Zeller interviewing Jessica Gjerde, a saint Norbert’s college student.

Interview with Brynn

Brynn Wierzbicki talks about her experiences and how she first got into track.

Interviewing June Schöellig

June talked about her childhood and early adult life. She grew up on a poor farm in Wisconsin during the depression.

Divine for AP Psych 2019

We talked about life in general, a lot of advice was given. We also talked about appreciation and inspiration, on both ends.