Speech interview

In my interview I was able to discuss all my moments and memories of my mother’s life.

Storytelling Assignment

An interview assignment with my step-dad for my speech class.

SCI1123: Father Interview

I asked my fathers questions about his childhood, the life lessons he’a learned, and what as a father he would like me to know.

Oral History: Waco 1993

Personal account of the standoff between the Branch Davidians and Federal agents in Waco, Texas in 1993.

Father of two is in a happier place after moving to Portland

I interviewed my father, we talked a lot about his life growing up, his life with me and my sister in the picture, what’s happening now, and a little bit about what he plans to do in the future

Interviewing my Dad

An interview with me and my dad.

my first interview

we talked about my moms past experiences.

Being DACA

This interview is private.

Thanksgiving Interview

This is a interview with my grandfather Gary Jenkins. We talk about a few of his accomplishments in life.

The bestest man in the whole wide world: an interview with my dad.

I interviewed my dad involving topics about family, religion, and our future.

New Jersey Family

These are interviews with my mom and aunt, who live in New Jersey.

Grandma and Ryan

We talked about what my mom was like growing up and what my Grandma was like growing up.

The Story of Jim and Jeri

This is a interview of my grandmother talking about her marriage of 51 years with my grandfather who unfortunately passed away two years ago. I look up to her and use their relationship as a example of what my relationships...

GTL Interview

An interview about where my father grew up and what is was like for him.

Varshini Ganesh and her sister Shivani Srividya talk about their life moments and growing experiences.

In this interview, conducted on December 2nd, 2017 in Plano, Texas, Shivani Srividya talks about her childhood. Varshini Ganesh and Shivani Srividya being sisters talk about them growing up together. She talks about her memories and vivid imaginations as what...

Thanksgiving interview-Rachel Mathey-2

I interviewed my mom and she told me about her childhood and some memories that she learned lesson from.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am interviewing my Grandfather Mike, he is a great inspiration to me, and supports my love of cars. He is a great man and I hope he lives many more years.