Learning more about my great grandma

In this interview I talk with my mom about my great grandma, and learn about the traditions she started and the ones we’ll continue.

Grandma and Grandpa McCort

This interview is with my paternal grandparents, asking them questions about their past and present life.

Thanksgiving Listen- Uncle Kippy

My uncle, Kip Parsons, is an amazing water polo player. From starting his freshman year of high school in 1988 he had to overcome challenges of starting later than his teammates. From hard work and practice, he was able to...

PLP Veerendra Gottiveeti Interview
February 11, 2018 App Interview

This is an interview between me and my mom to share a story about coming from a small village to one of the best Kho Kho players in the state.

My grandpas journey to America

I asked questions about my grandpas journey to America and why he came

Robert Kennedy’s Lawyer

We will do whatever you wish us to do, We want Robert Kennedy to be president”. This is what my grandpa said to me on January 3rd 2019 when I, Lyla Horowitz sat down with my grandpa, David Horowitz to...

Leaving my country

How my dad went from Congo to Kenya during the war

All about THEM

We talked about her this time and not all about me that's why the tile is all about them

Thanksgiving interview

Leah interviewed her mother for the Thanksgiving interview. Leah looks up to her mother and they have a very strong connection.

Interview with Cam

I interviewed Cam about his life

APUSH Service Project

I asked my dad questions about his life.

story corps project

Mathew Edwards close friends of Hagin James seeks insight of his love of theater. why he keeps on going and what lessons has he gained from theater.

The Journey Through Life, With Mrs. Linda

Interview with Anna Hoover and Linda L' Orange. Trips around the world, moving from Canada to the US. Talks of love and wisdom.

Interview With Mom

I did an interview with my mom and asked her about her life as a child and how she felt after having children