My grandmother Cynthia

My grandmother tells about personal experiences growing up, struggles in her life, life goals, and advice to younger generations.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Discussing what it was like for my mom growing up in Jamaica and later Chicago

The thanksgiving listen

We talked about basically everything under the sun.

The great listen

In this interview we talk about the past memories of Stefano and what his plans are for the future.

Dawn Hunter Art Teacher Interview

I talk to my mom about her upbringing and career and the challenges with it during Coronavirus

“I Just Wanted to Be Happy and Have a Family of My Own”

Emma Lynch(16) interviews her mom, Ella(57) about her childhood and current life. This interview was recorded on Thanksgiving, November 26, 2020 in Ella’s bedroom in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. They talk about religion, moving from the city to the...

Reed Jonsson and David Ruiz

Reed Jonsson (17) and David Ruiz (16) talk about their time at El Molino High School class of 2022

Two sisters talking about life

Just two sisters talking to each other about life and random things. We are just enjoying each other’s company.

My sister

My sister speaks about her experiences and the things she expected with covid 19.

Charlie’s interview with my dad

I asked a lot of questions about my dads past life


I assume I will write about this later

August H and Dianna H "Wade in the Water"

August H: 2021-05-19 02:19:20 Desegregating the beaches in Gulfport Mississippi

Me and My Brother

We talk about his life and what are things he will remember.

The best it’s gonna get

My “podcast” for 8th grade civics

Talking with my dad

We talked about my dad’s life coming to the U.S. We both had fun talking with each other.

Immigration nation woes

Veronica Perez and her husband Roberto are struggling through the immigration system.

Short story happiest memory

The happiest memory and what types of feelings you had