Interview with Julie

What we talked about in this interview was about Julies life. We also talked about some of the things that she is thankful for.

My Friend

I, Faith asked Justin my dearest friend a few life basic questions. This was to get to know each other more in depth with our answers.

The Wonderful Interview with Elizabeth

My wonderful and exciting interview with Elizabeth from the Fellowship Manor

How communication evolved over my lifetime – a MASC 101 project

Professor Rader describes her relationship with forms of communication and media over the years.

Getting Answers From My Mom

Asking my mom questions that I would regret not asking later on.

A bit of her life

This talk is just about some things about D’anna life

Practice Round

In this interview Eli talked about how his dad and sister are big motivators in his life. He cares for his family and his horse.

Test interview

In this interview, Hailey Fryer tested how to use the app. It is November 25, 2019 in Sarver Pa.


This is for a test run for my class to see how this app works


He explained his military experience as well as his situations outside and afterwards.

My mom, a first generation college student

Heidi Hartmann explains what it was like to be a First-Generation college student at Swarthmore College in the 1960s.