Interview with the father – Eric Tofil – Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

We sat together on the night of November 27th, 2018 and talked about my father’s childhood and what he was like as a child. Then going through many important factors and historical events that shaped him into what he is...

Doctor Interview

#Eng100MWSU Taylor Dietzman interviews Doctor Carder

Momma’s Interview

How she became a Nurse Practitioner

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Past experience with a doctors visit and how it had effected him at the time and how it still effects him onto his future

BANI tells the story of her life as a doctor and mother in the United States

Bani Bhattacharyya shares the story of her life, from living in India to moving to Canada and the United States. She and her husband, also a doctor, became parents and practicing physicians and juggling with childcare in the mid-1960s. A...

Rahul Dukkipati interviews Yesh Yerneni

We talked about what he wanted to do in life and his proudest moments. He also wants to be a doctor when h grows up.

Interview with Usman, on March 5, at the dining table.

During the interview, I mostly asked Usman what lessons he had learned in life from different perspectives such as work, school, religiously etc.

My Nana

I interviewed my endeared grandmother who I call my Nana. She has lived a full and wonderful life. She is an example of a hard working woman and a loving friend and mother figure to all. I’m blessed to be...

Lawrence and Kat Specht Psych Project

This was an interview regarding life decisions particularly focused on why he choose to be a doctor.