Interview of a Father and his 9/11 experience

My name is Maya Meltzer. I will be speaking with my father, Robert Meltzer, about his experience of the September 11th terrorist attack.

LHP War on Terror Project

The interviewer Jeremy Cordero and the interviewee my mom Arlene Cordero.

9/11 Impact

Tim Bennett Age 52, and Lily Bennett Age 16 talking about the impact 9/11 had on our society.

An L.A Citizen Remembers 9/11

I casually interviewed my stepdad, Juan about what he remembers about the day of 9/11 and his first hand experience hearing the news as it shocked the world. Juan was 27 at the time living in LA and he describes...

Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview Yara, a 15 year old, and her grandfather, Dave, who is 80, talk about the continuity and changes from growing up in the 40s to modern day. It explores subjects from wars, innovations, education, and politics.

9/11 Interview

This interview is conducted by Cenia Dominguez (21) that explores the memories and perspectives of Kim Dominguez (43) on the historical event of 9/11. She describes what she was doing when she first heard of the devastating news, how it...