Interview with Siham Ashour-StoryCorps

In this interview, conducted in May 2022 in Corpus Christi, Texas, Nadine Ashour (17) interviews her mother, Siham Ashour (54) about her childhood in Kuwait and Palestine. She guides Nadine through the culture differences between the Middle Eastern countries and...

MUSH Final Project: Allison McCall Ciminero 5/21/22

I interviewed my mom and she talked about her childhood, school, her career, how she met my dad, 9/11, etc.

Dr. John Durkin shares his 911 experience

Patricia McCarthy interviews Dr. John Durkin from Merion Mercy Academy. He recounts his experience with 911 and shares about aspects of his life after that.

9/11 Experience With my Linda

My mom shares her experience of being in the city of Chicago while finding out about the attacks of 9/11.

Mike Leahy-9/11

My dads experience in air travel days after airports re-opened after 9/11