Ajita Bhat and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Ajita Bhat reflects on her immigration to America in the pursuit of higher education, and how her impressions of the country has evolved. After settling in Andover, she quickly found community, and eventually became the...

Leeanne Seaver and Jodi Michaels

Friends and colleagues Jodi Hope Michaels [no age given] and Leeanne Seaver [no age given] discuss their work with Global Ties Kalamazoo, reflecting on the importance of international exchange and how we can connect more deeply with one another.

Vicky and Xuan

Xuan conducted an interview with me. We talked about my plans, expectations and worries in America.

APUSH interview with Lauren O’Desky

hi, Asher Odesky interviewed my mother, Lauren Odesky about the attacks on September 11, Israel, the.com crash, and the great recession. This interview is for my AP US history class. 

Race in America

Phillip Kahl talks to his son, Hunter Kahl, about race in America.

A Piece of Her Story: Raising Children and Sending Them to America

Tulasiratnam Cherukuri, 66, tells parts of her story about raising her children and her perspective on America as a Telugu woman in Chennai.

Faiez interviews his mom about coming to America which changed her life completely

Faiez Mahmood(16) interviews Shazia Sarwar(mom), talk about Shazia’s childhood and her experience coming to America that impacted her life in so many ways. This interview was conducted on January 9, 2023 in Canton Michigan.