moving to the United States

American Identity Born In A Different Country

How has being an American citizen being born in a different country affects Nadia’s American identity.

Great grandfather coming to America

How my great grandfather came to America from Syria.

Emanuel Pimentel ask his mother about her life when she was younger

My mothers life in Dominican republic was a life that she really enjoyed. She spent most of her life over there and visited many different places. She got to hang out with her friends on the amazing beaches and she...

A Guest in My Home Country

Dinah and Renee talk about Sivia, Renee’s traveling grandma. They also chat about what is means to be “Hakka” and “Farang” at home

Dad’s journey to America

My dad had an aspiration to travel since he was young, and ended up in America

My Dad’s immigration story

I interviewed my dad on his journey to the US and how it has affected his life

Our American Identity.

What it means to be an American and what it is like.

Biracial in America

A short interview about Breana’s experience of being biracial in America.