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2nd anniversary: Still life and love in the time of Coronavirus

A lot happened this year…and nothing happened. A year with big changes but overshadowed by covid in the background.

Craig and Cassie: 20 years of Marriage, Partnership, and Love

Craig and Cassie have a conversation on the week of their 20th wedding anniversary about love, partnership, and remembering their life together… so far!

David Reyna and Amanda Reyna

David Reyna (36) and his wife Amanda Reyna Pennington (35) talk about their relationship in high school, how they re-connected after two decades, and got married almost one year ago.

Julie Oberdick and Jonathan Oberdick

Julie Oberdick (57) talks with her husband Jonathan "John" Oberdick (57) about first meeting as teenagers while both working at Kmart, getting married and having children, favorite memories together, and what they've learned from each other.

Dan & Ting 5 year aniversary

Dan & Ting share their memories from the past year and their dreams for the coming year.

A Date

A wonderful idea for a date, revisited on our 1 year Anniversary. A planner and a worrier sit down to try to engage on a rainy day.