Papa Ken’s childhood and life in Vietnam!

My grandfather served in Vietnam starting at age 19. We also talk about his childhood!

Kennedy Miller and Scott Miller talk about his army experience and his career life.

Kennedy Miller(15) and her father Scott Miller(40) talked about Scott's past and what he used to do. We started off talking about his army life and how he was an army truck driver outside of high school. He traveled to...

The Korean War

Today I will be interviewing my grandpa about his life and war. He will tell what he did and how he lived/coped in Korea.

The Military experience of Ernest Soto-cruz

I had the great opportunity to interview Ernest Soto-Cruz (age 54). Ernest is my father whom I am very proud of. Today we talked about his experience in the military and how it effect it in the long run.

Karen Lennon and her Army coed basic training experience

In 1977, Karen enlisted in the U.S. Army and underwent eight weeks of basic training in one of the first coed classes. For the first time, women were expected to meet the same standards as the male students. Karen shares...

cousin Phillips experience

SFC (cousin) Gonzales Phillip interview of his military experience. Deployment to Iraq, and how the challenges he faced. His greatest moments while deployed was brining home all his troops.

Interview With My Grandma

My Grandma (Patricia Kebbekus) and I talk about her time in the army as well as her life as a child and how she met my Grandpa.

Ronald Britton and Chapin Montague

Ronald "Ron" Britton (71) recounts to StoryCorps facilitator Chapin Montague [no age given] his youth as a self-proclaimed military brat, the lives of his parents, and his career in oceanography and marine biology, all while sitting on the wood-lined deck...