It Started With A Mango Tree

My name is Khushi Patel, and I am 18 years old. In this interview, I asked my aunt questions regarding her religious, work, and childhood life.

interview with my aunt

i interview my aunt, Jennifer (42) about her childhood. Also about how she has changed with her kid.

interview with my aunt beki

Emily ippolito(14) and her aunt Beni ippolito(42). biggest regret, something ur afraid of, something ur passionate about, what makes you angry, if you could live anywhere where would u live. what’s one of your favorite memories.

My Christmas Interview (with my aunt KK)

Me and my aunt have a nice conversation about her life as she went through elementary and high school. We start to get into her early life and how it was for her to become who she is now!

Aunt Nikki and me
December 1, 2022 App Interview

This is a story about my aunt and what drives her as a hairdresser and her journey to becoming one.

Interview With My Aunt
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Me (AJ Krier, 13) interview with my aunt, René, whose husband sadly passed away in May of this year. (With some bloopers for the first 5 seconds lol)

thanksgiving interview

my Aunt Lori had a great childhood growing up. she was very close with her siblings, parents and aunts.

Foundations Interview

This interview is an analysis of a biblical conversation between Christian Sears and his aunt, Corliss Carr. The seventeen-year-old college student interrogated his sixty-nine-year-old aunt about various questions revolving around the biblical meanings and applications of happiness. Several of the...