Interview with Blaire

This is an interview with my old friend Blair who is 28. We discussed childhood memories and relationships with her family.

Memories and future goals about my life explained by my Mom
September 11, 2023 App Interview

Tyler Tice(son) Paula Tice(Mom). We talked about memories from my childhood as well as memories from recent times. Finally, we talked about future goals and dreams that my Mom has for me.

Interview with my Dad

I am Hannah Salgado (17) and I interviewed my dad, Ricardo Salgado,(55). My dad talks about the passing of his dad at a young age and how it impacted his family and his own values. He gave insight into how...

Interview with my Dad
September 11, 2023 App Interview

An interview with my (Leah Peevy, 20) dad (Ronald Peevy, 57) about his childhood, how he grew up, and how he was raised.

Interview w/ Christi: Growing Up

Interviewer, Summer (18) talks to sister Christi (26) about growing up and hopes for the future.

interviewing best friend

My interviewee is my best friend of 5 years. Her name is Elyssia Tate, she is 25 years old and from Tulsa,Oklahoma. A mother of 3 kids who happen to be my daughters real cousins.

random bestfriends

Zev Blique(17) Reagan Stock(16) we Are bestfriends! we discussed Zevs childhood and how he grew up in a huge city compared to the little town I’m from. We talked about his family and his regrets.

Recording – 09-04-2023 15:53:33

Quint Allcott interviews his grandmother, Cynda Meyer about her childhood.

Andy Ramirez

Andy talked about his childhood.And his favorite memories. And what he would like to. say to me if it was the last time we speak.Also his favorite memory at a concert.