Me and My Dad

A lot was that was talked about was life things. Those things including religion and the future

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Joseph Ruelas

Today, my mother and I discussed some of the defining moments of her life, and what more she wants to get out of life.

Make Your Life Your Own

In this interview conducted on December 3rd, 2019 in EHT, NJ, Joe Karlsen describes his life as a child, moving from city to city with his mother. He talks about the struggles he went through, as well as the successes...

Grandson interviews Grandfather about his life

In this interview, I sat down and chatted with my grandfather who is on my fathers side. In addition to that, we talked about how he grew up as a child in North Carolina and Chicago, his time in the...

Granny and Peyton. Profile Interview

My Grandma and I talking about her past and how fast her grandchildren are growing up and what experiences she has gone through.