Sweet Childhood with Lolo and Lola

This is the story about my mom, Ditas Campo's happy childhood in the Philippines. She grew up surrounded by love and a big family. Listening to my mom's childhood story makes me realize the importance of making memories and to...

Lissa Lazzarini and Callie Neylan: Callie's Birth in 1967

An interview with my older sister Lissa around the circumstances of my birth and babyhood.

A Mother Talks About Things She's Learned Growing Up and Shares Some of Her Favorite Memories

This interview takes place in Flint, MI on December 17th, 2019. Emily asks her mother about some lessons she has learned growing up. The two talk about how Heidi has passed down those lessons to her own daughters to help...

Childhood and Other Things

My mother and I discuss our childhoods and life choices.

My Nanbie's Life and Experiences

I interview my grandmother about her family, life, and childhood.

Early 90's in Oregon City

My mom on her childhood and growing up across the river in Oregon City

Interview with my Grandma: Experiencing Life in the Philippines in the 1900s

This interview details my grandma's life from childhood to present day with an emphasis on her life in the Philippines and the opportunities she had growing up.

Mother & Daughter

Conversation with my mother about when I was a baby/child. (The picture is an older one)

All Love

Lauren Gant, a student at Egg Harbor Twp. High School interviews her mom, Angie Gant, for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019. She talks about why she took the career path she did, some of her earliest childhood memories, and her...

Growing Up in Communist Poland

My mom remembers struggle but also familial and communial strength when reminiscing on her childhood in Poland.